Bottled Cocktails for Delivery in Hong Kong


Sit Back and Relax at Home With These Bottled Cocktails for Delivery in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is experiencing an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases this 2022. On Feb. 17, the region logged 6,116 cases, a record-breaking daily tally since the health crisis began in 2020.

As the government ramps up its efforts to fight COVID-19 with a zero-infection approach, the public must also do their part in keeping the numbers down. This will surely dampen many people's social plans, but while we totally feel you for missing going out, having a drink, and socializing with friends, we also believe that collective action – keeping one safe to not risk being a carrier of COVID-19 and harm the people around us – must take precedence over our own whims and fancies.

Hear it from us: skip the barhopping and pub crawls for now. Check out these hotels and bars instead that deliver bottled cocktails in Hong Kong, so you can still enjoy your favorite drinks in the safety and comfort of your own home!

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Cocktails-To-Go
Photo by Website/Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

We love Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong's Cocktails-To-Go selection, which offers five cocktails priced at HK$488 per 500-millilitre bottle (approximately five servings). If you want to unwind following a day of working from home, we suggest you whip one of these bottles out to help! Choose among the Negroni, Dirty Martini, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Holiday Liberation, and just add to cart!


With Jay Khan's ingenuity, COA burst into the bar scene in 2017 and has gone on to be named one of the best bars in Asia and the world by 50 Best Bars and Drink Magazine Bar Awards. In 2021, it was ranked number one in Asia and 7th in the world. COA understands that not everyone can troop to its bar, especially amid the pandemic, so it's made its drinks accessible through its online shop. Its current bottled cocktail offerings include the Coconut Milk Punch, Margarita Chipotle & Apple, La Fresa, and Agave Old Fashioned, among others. Each 250-ml bottle costs HK$288. COA also offers the Cocktail Flight, priced at HK$1,080, comprising four 250-ml cocktail bottles.

Tell Camellia

Want to unleash your inner bartender at home? Tell Camellia's takeaway cocktails can help you with that. Launched in March 2020 amid the pandemic, Tell Camellia will bring the bar to your home so you can have your own happy hour. Tell Camellia, which ranks 23rd among Asia's 50 best bars, currently offers bottled cocktails with choices of Oolong Old-Fashioned and Matcha Gin. Feel free to reach out to them to inquire about their selections or order through Facebook, Instagram, or by emailing [email protected]


Five-star hotel Rosewood Hong Kong's sultry jazz and cocktail parlour DarkSide has also gone the bottled cocktail route to make its creations accessible to patrons who miss or wish to try its cocktails. Those interested to join the dark side (ha-ha) can head to Rosewood's online shop to peruse the bar's offered "bocktails" or boxed cocktails. You can choose among the Negroni, Martini, or Old Fashioned for HK$220 per 100-ml bottle or HK$280 for a 350-ml bottle. If you can't decide, we recommend its Bocktails Trio for the whole shebang, priced at HK$500 and HK750 for a box of either three 100-ml bottles or three 350-ml bottles.

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