Here’s Where to Order CNY Treats in Hong Kong

Welcome the Year of the Tiger with These CNY Treats! Here’s Where to Order in HK

Although the celebration for Chinese New Year (CNY) 2022 is far from normal due to the pandemic, people still find all sorts of ways to foster human connection virtually. Hence, many families would likely celebrate their new beginnings and achievements while indulging in their favourite treats on this very special day.

Gather your loved ones as we’ve listed down some of the finest and quintessential snacks you can gorge on this spring festival in Hong Kong.

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental is known for its luxurious hotels, resorts, and residences that offer exclusive dining and wellness products and services.

This Year of the Tiger, Mandarin Oriental will step up its game by filling your stomachs with some of the best CNY treats in Hong Kong. The Mandarin Cake Shop has prepared new delicacies, featuring Michelin-starred Man Wah x Dashijie Aged Tangerine Peel Turnip Cake made from 15-year-old dried tangerine peels, sesame, peanuts and chocolate cake, and the traditional three-tier Chinese Hamper.

You also shouldn’t miss their bestselling Chinese New Year Pudding, Chocolate Gold Coins, and Golden Chocolate Tea Pot with Jasmine Truffles, among others.

Take note that all orders should be placed 48 hours in advance to accommodate your request. View the complete CNY treats from Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop here.

Location: 5 Connaught Road, Central Central & Western District

Kee Wah 

Kee Wah is one of the oldest family-run bakery businesses in Hong Kong, serving authentic flavours of CNY treats in Hong Kong. Since the bakery opened in 1938, they’ve continuously made “cake with heart, winning with quality.”

This Chinese New Year celebration, visit the Kee Wah physical store to order their new and traditional products such as pastries, gift boxes and vouchers, and snacks.

When cravings strike, you can choose among Kee Wah’s CNY treats made from grated coconut, black sesame, seaweed, ginger juice, assorted fruit, coffee, and rice cake.

Wing Wah 

Originally opened as a tea house in Yuen Long, Wing Wah has become a restaurant group with various stores across the region including in Kowloon and the New Territories.

The shop is popular for its mooncake series featuring a variety of flavours, such as white lotus seed paste, low sugar, nuts, bean paste, and vegetarian.

Wing Wah’s CNY menu for this year consists of Chinese preserved sausages, lotus seed paste mooncakes, egg rolls, vegetarian cakes, and panda-themed cookies, among others. Embed:

Hang Heung 

Similar to Wing Wah, Hang Heung started as a traditional tea house and expanded into a restaurant that serves traditional dim sum and side dishes, Tang cakes, shortbread, and folk snacks. They also serve classic mooncakes made from lotus paste, creamy custard mooncakes, and many other local foods.

Hang Heung unveiled their Chinese New Year gift box that comes into two packages, namely Classic (HK$490) and Supreme (HK$620). They also have a limited time offer for their handmade honeycomb Chinese New Year Egg (23% off), CNY Candy Combinations (12% off), and New Year Cakes (up to 30% off).

Location: 66 Avenida Yuen Long, New Territories

Peninsula Boutique

The Peninsula Boutique consists of a team of expert chefs and highly skilled patissiers and chocolatiers whose creations are undeniably appetizing and delectable. This 2022,  Peninsula Boutique’s Chinese New Year collection was inspired by the traditional tiger head shoes for children, which are believed to provide good health and prosperity.

You can enjoy their savoury Chinese pudding with fine tea, egg rolls, seaweed almond thins, Dragon Beard candies, fruit candies, and more.

So far, their bestselling CNY treats in Hong Kong are the Turnip Pudding with Whole Abalone and XO Chilli Sauce, Assorted Chinese New Year Puddings - Original and Dried Longan with Red Date, Assorted Chinese New Year Puddings with Fine Tea, Robust Tiger Gift Set, and Sesame Cookies.

Location: The Peninsula Arcade, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

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