BACI: Decorated, Flavourful Italian Plates in Lan Kwai Fong


BACI Trattoria and Bar: Decorated, Flavourful Italian Plates in Lan Kwai Fong

BACI is an enviable hot spot dedicated to sharing the warmth and sharp flavours of Italian comfort food made from quality imported ingredients. Positioned centrally in the Lan Kwai Fong party district, it occupies the former shell of Ciao Chow.

Going strong off its recent ranking as the second-best Hong Kong pizzeria and twelfth best in Asia-Pacific by 50 Top Pizza Italy 2022, BACI is the new face of Lan Kwai Fong Concept’s ground-floor restaurant-cum-bar location, with an updated interior, vibe, and menu focusing on root vegetables and lean meat.

The Italian trattoria’s a la carte menu features a romantic and playful selection of antipasti, pasta, award-winning pizza, seafood and meat mains, plus dessert crafted by Chef Alessandro Persico: themes “Let’s Begin With...”, “Pass The Pasta”, “Pizza”, “Other Than Carbs”, and “Goodbye Kiss” all tease out future adventures.

Venue and Atmosphere

BACI Trattoria and Bar

Open to the elements with a curving open space, BACI is directly inviting as Lan Kwai Fong goers are fed with energy emanating from their cocktails and nibbles eaten up front, before lengthy dining sessions enjoyed at the back.

Orange lighting and furniture with plump green and maroon colours shine well and center the multi-coloured patterns and plating for dishes that one would assume could fit a gallery exhibition as well as a decorated restaurant in Hong Kong. 

Food and Drink

BACI Trattoria and Bar

To begin our meal with a table of four, we savoured a selection of five signature antipasti, decorated and plated artistically. All were perceptible formed with emphasis on flavour combinations. The I Ravioli di Casa Nostra (HK$168) was our favourite, placed on our table it immediately shone out of the selection with an ornate drizzling of salsa verde framing the roasted beetroot ravioli filled with truffle goat cheese. Each bite captured an earthy, pickled flavour followed by an aftertaste of the salty, nutty ooze from the cheese with great mouthfeel.

The Pan Fried Tuscan Goose Liver (HK$238) and Sicilian-style Tuna Loin (HK$148) each positioned peppery umami flavours upfront. The foie gras was subtle and was paired well with fig compote to balance salty with sweet, whilst the tuna boasted a strong gamey taste that brought a very balanced bite with each scoop of onion jam and bell pepper puree.

BACI Trattoria and Bar

Leading Hong Kong with a collection of powerful pizzas, topped with gourmet and imported goods, the trattoria’s signature BACI (HK$198) plays with our assumptions of traditional pizza recipes. Topped with crescenza cheese, taggiasca olive, crispy zucchini, basil pesto, black garlic, and cherry tomatoes, the BACI is a masterpiece of flavours, clashing the fermented sweetness of garlic, tomato, and olive with the nuttiness of the basil pesto base. Revel in the full textural dimensions of their in-house dough with an explosion of spice as contrast, adding just a dash of the restaurant’s signature chili oil.

BACI Trattoria and Bar

The pasta course brought al dente bites of hand-made pasta with potent umami and touches of acidic flavours. The Angeli di Mare (HK$238) was presented stylishly with the angel hair designed to stand high, coated in the reflective creamy crustacean bisque sauteed with grappa for an earthy undertone, and topped with plump red prawns that are succulent to bite into and creamy on the inside.

For omnivores, the Pappardelle in Guancia (HK$228) is a pleasant departure from acidity, with an emphasis on creamy sauce and red-wine infused, full-bodied beef cheek bites. The pappardelle holds the ragout sauce perfectly, allowing each diner to consume the pasta with delight.

BACI Trattoria and Bar

As we passed the carbs and entered protein heaven, the Grilled Wagyu Beef Sirloin (HK$368) and Mediterranean Oven Baked Sea Bass (HK$368) noticeably differ from the standard Italian theme of BACI, but offer meaty flavours tinged with contrasting fruity and subtly sweet ingredients. The wagyu cuts were a highlight of the dining experience, paired with an oaky marsala reduction that teased our tongues with garlicky and sweet tones from pickled shallot

Chef Alessandro Persico has designed a seasonal autumnal menu that caters for a local palette and harnesses fresh imported ingredients to build plates staged beautifully when spread across the table. The protein and vegetable-forward dishes reposition Italian food to be enjoyed in sharing, with vignettes of influence from other cuisine traditions and practices.


For your visit to BACI, we recommend sampling the I Ravioli di Casa Nostra (HK$168) and Sicilian-Style Tuna Loin (HK$148) to begin your dining, share the Salmone E Pistacchio (HK$228) and Tagliolini Della Casa (HK$198) to really get things going, and then get a taste of pizza with BACI (HK$198) and The King of Pizzas (HK$258), before ending with Grilled Wagyu Beef Sirloin (HK$368).

With Thanks and In Partnership with Lan Kwai Fong Concepts Ltd.

This food review is based on a complimentary media tasting provided by BACI. The opinions expressed within represent the views of the author.

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