Shake Shack Releases Hot Honey Chicken Menu for CNY 2023


Shake Shack Releases Hot Honey Chicken Menu for Chinese New Year 2023

Shake Shack’s hitting Chinese New Year in style this year with a new line of Hot Honey Chicken items for the spicy and sweet Year of the Rabbit, available from Jan. 17 to Feb. 26.

For a classic spin on the original Chicken Shack, the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich (HK$63) brings heat and sweet together with a deluxe hot honey-glazed crispy chicken topped with Shack’s cabbage and green apple slaw on a toasted potato bun.

Good for sharing with family or friends, the limited-time Hot Honey Chicken Bites (6 pieces for HK$40; 10 for HK$56) are white meat chicken pieces drenched in Hot Honey sauce and served with an extra dollop of Hot Honey sauce on the side for those feigning for more.

From Jan. 17 onwards through the new year, guests can also purchase Shake Shack’s limited edition red packets for festive celebrations on a first-come, first-served basis.  

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