Who is Hungry Bear HK? Instagram's Anonymous Foodie Reviewer


Who is Hungry Bear HK? The Anonymous Instagram Reviewer Eating Through Hong Kong

Hungry Bear HK is one of Hong Kong’s largest anonymous “personal blogs,” recording the culinary journey of Canadian-born-Chinese Jackie through the plates, menus, and cuisines of Hong Kong’s famous foodie sites and hidden secrets.

In a first for the foodie sharing his journey, Jackie spoke to The Beat Asia about where food comes in his life, what made his begin his eponymous Instagram account to snap his plates, what makes tasty food, and the future for the food reviewer.

On his personal life and relationship with food

“I was born in Hong Kong, but grew up in Toronto, Canada – a multi-cultural city blessed with all sorts of cuisines from around the world.”

“Having come back to Hong Kong in the 2000s, I found myself immediately surrounded by friends with this similar interest. Inevitably, food became a common denominator in our lives and the most enjoyable way to gather amongst friends.”

On being a foodie and capturing his plates

“Being always on the lookout for great restaurants, I inevitably developed a habit of taking photos and sending them out to friends.”

“An inventory of food photos assured, while friends would constantly ask me on restaurant ideas. It was inevitable that a new Instagram account was born.”

On his catchy Instagram name

“The Hungry Bear moniker came about while our family was watching one of our favourite shows – ‘We Bare Bears’ – a story of three bear brothers. As they are a trio of hungry animals and so am I, it became a very fitting name.”

On his procedure of reviewing restaurants

“In choosing restaurants to post, I would usually look for a story that is captivating to the audience – whether its’ a new restaurant, a new menu or, perhaps, a hidden gem which is overlooked.”

“Ultimately, the food is paramount and above all; but being as competitive as Hong Kong is, the ambiance carries a lot of clout as well.”

“Whether the venue sets the tone for a group gathering or a romantic dinner or even a business luncheon truly enhances the entire dining experience.”

On what a good plate and menu mean

"A good plate is something much harder to define as Hong Kong carries such diverse cuisines – but a balance in flavour is key; one does not want to be boringly blend or yet overly powering.”

“Finally, I’d say that a good menu is one which can truly take diners through a journey, whether it’s a short bite or a three-hour meal.”

“Like a good movie, the appetisers set in the story, while the mains are the plot and the desserts bring upon the climatic ending. Everything needs to flow to make the composition melodic. A delicious meal to me, is a true form of art.”

On his favourite cuisine

“My favourite cuisine is definitely noodles – simplest in form but varies in different countries and cultures. A delicious bowl of warm soup noodle is both gratifying and filling; not to mention a true comfort especially on a cold day.”

“[Of] all the noodles in the city, my favourite goes to Nam Kee’s spicy pork noodles with its sour broth with a kick; plus, thin slices of pork belly that are soft but not overly fatty, matched with its signature fish spring rolls.”

On the future for the Hungry Bear account

“Going forward, I wish to continue to share my gastronomic experiences with fellow followers and foodies to generate ideas on the best places to eat, drink and share a laughter.”

“But at the moment, at this point in time, my ultimate wish is for this prolonged pandemic to finally end; so the account can bring on restaurant reviews not just from Hong Kong, but all over the world once again.”

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