Where to Get the Best Drunk Food After a Boozy Night in Soho


Where to Get the Best Drunk Food After a Boozy Night in Soho

Picture this: It is 2:43 AM at Lan Kwai Fung on a steamy and humid Saturday. Your friends have just ventured north on a taxi to Kowloon to rest up from your heavy night of vodka shots and champagne. But you don’t want to stop the night just yet!

You are famished. Starving. Hungry for some salty treats to soak up the alcoholic juices you inhaled over the course of your night in debauchery. Stress no longer through. Bookmark this article for the next time you need to find your refuel for the end of a night out on the town!

27 Kebab House

This budget Turkish-fusion-Indian kebab chain has solidified itself as a famous final pit-stop for the end of a night out in LKF or Soho, where salty meats, tangy sauces, and drunk chats are a welcome finale to a fun Saturday.

Prices have not changed since the chain opened on the intersection of Cochrane Street and Hollywood Road. For a delicious 27 Kebab experience, head there after 2:30 AM when crowds begin to gather; order a Lamb Doner Roll (HK$65), Kofte Roll (HK$65), Chicken Biryani (HK$60), or Falafel Plate (HK$60) for a real taste of Central kebabs.

Location: 46-48 Cochrane Street, Central

Opening hours: 24/7

Smash Boys Burger

Only opening in June 2021, Smash Boys imports the Los Angeles smash burger-style to the streets of Hong Kong, coming with the classic buttery brioche buns, juicy smashed all-beef patties, and necessary tomato, onion, and sauce accoutrements for an all-round experience.

An original classic burger (HK$120) set comes with thick- cut fries and a soft drink of your choice. The smash patty oozes with salty juices and covers your mouth with a nice rich beefy taste. The brioche bun soaks up all the sauces and juice of the patty, so you will not be disappointed with watery hands. The spicy Mexican sauce (HK$30) that can be added on – a fan favourite – is said to have given one Google reviewer “a foodgasm face.”

Location: 23 Hollywood Rd, Central

Opening hours: 12 PM – 3 AM

Beyrouth Bistro

Beyrouth Bistro is a small casual diner set on Lyndhurst Terrace – a step away from Peel Street and meander from LKF to a taxi stand nearby – which has been serving up Lebanese kebabs, fried platters, and dips since 1998. Inside are a happy crowd of party revellers and staff from Lebanon that often acts as an after-party for your late Saturday night.

For light eaters, we recommend ordering the Falafel/Chicken Wrap and Soft Drink combo (HK$70) that can satiate any hunger with the right amount of spice, herbs, and tang from the garlic sauce; the Sujuk (HK$70) for a spicy lamb flavour with fresh salad; or a slice of Baklawa (HK$75) for a taste of pistachio, honey, and cashew nuts with filo pastry.

Location: 23-39 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

Opening hours: 7 AM – 2 AM

Ebeneezer's Kebabs & Pizzeria

Ebeneezer’s has and will always be the go-to spot for fuelling after a boozy night drinking up and down the bars of Lan Kwai. The chain kebab shop stop is conveniently located on the immediate left of entering LKF from MTR Central, besides the neighbouring 7/11.

With every “Ebz” journey, one must know what to get even before entering to ensure a smooth eating experience; besides, you already knew what you wanted to order before your shower pre-night out. Get the Chicken Tikka Kebab (HK$66), Lamb Biryiani With Salad (HK$80), Falafel Kebab (HK$66), or Vegetable Curry (HK$70) for a classic Ebz service.

Location: G/F, 5 Lan Kwai Fong, Central

Opening hours: 24/7

Up 9

Offering up Nepalese in a hidden part in Lan Kwai Fong, Up 9 serves top quality Nepalese dumplings called momos and Indian-syled pani puri. Although located in the heart of LKF, Up 9 requires a bit of hunting to locate – up to the ninth floor of a non-descript building on D’ Aguilar Street - but once found, you will die for the chilli momos (HK$78).

Location: 9/F Winner Building, 27-37 D’ Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central

Opening hours: 5 PM – 3 AM

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