The Hottest NFT Collectives in Hong Kong You Must Know
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The Hottest NFT Collectives in Hong Kong You Should Know

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When it comes to the explosive NFT craze that has erupted over the past few years, Hong Kong is surely and persistently accelerating on the leaderboard. From a quirky army of rabbits to NBA cosigned apes in professional baller gear, support local and check out these Hong Kong NFT collectives to get started on racking up your digital assets.

Memeland by 9GAG

Built by the homegrown platform that has been giving us laughs since 2008, 9GAG’s Memeland is a collection that consists of up to 9,999 specially loaded PFPs. With each purchase, individuals can become “captains” dealing in bespoke $MEME tokens, with special utilities included alongside exclusive membership to their private “Memetaverse” Web 3.0 ecosystem of creator content, 9GAG drops, and events.

Sticking to their roots as a sharing platform, the charter skews towards community-building and giving importance to crowd-funded creativity. Memeland owners are also able to secure full commercial art rights for the NFTs they own, placing credit where it’s due. Join their Discord server here to keep updated on the mint date, and to find out more on how to get onto their “Memelist” minting roster, as well as distribution details.

Bunny Warriors

An NFT project launched only in January of this year, Bunny Warriors released a total of 6,666 PFP mints on the Solana blockchain and has since been completely sold out. Drawn by Pixel, these cuddly rabbits won the hearts of newcomers to the NFT scene and seasoned collectors alike with their adorable designs, fun backstory, stylish merch collabs, and installation display in Times Square.

Receiving celebrity endorsements from local personalities like Mirror’s Stanley Yau, actor Alex Fong, and beauty guru Pumpkin Jenn, it’s safe to assume that both their metaverse and IRL events must have been star-studded affairs indeed. What’s more, their AiR metaverse game was an extremely fun and successful form of engagement that garnered them much attention that carried off-screen.


Turning to the past for some inspiration, CRYPTYQUES culls from iconic Hong Kong movies to feature one-of-a-kind NFTs that hearken back to memorable scenes and moments in beloved stories from local cinema. Developed by the legendary Wing Shya, who has worked on projects with film legend Wong Kar Wai, the project was created in tandem with tech-group BEAM+LAB and Mei Ah Entertainment Group and totaled up to 1,320 NFTs in the collection.

Their launch came side by side with offline exhibits, performances, and workshops as well, connecting with audiences through face-to-face interaction. Appealing to basal emotions, the roadmap was set into various phases that merged to form a journey through time, guided by emotions.

The Monkey Kingdom

Most Hong Kongers must be familiar with the age-old tale of the Monkey King, which makes it so gratifying to see this recognisable character from our childhood memories in pixel form as one of the coolest PFPs out there right now. A randomly generated NFT collection, The Monkey Kingdom boasts a line of 2,222 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain that each rep a unique getup. Read all about the mystical inspiration behind the collection and their wild journey here.

Kong Ballers

A match made in heaven for those who go by the tenet “ball is life,” the Kong Ballers community combines passion for the game with themed NFTs offering up exclusive basketball benefits. Holders on Solana can throw their towel into the ring for frequent giveaways of rare sporting merch and sneakers, league passes, tournament tickets, in addition to being given stakes and royalties and much more.

Founded by a team that is invested in the world of basketball themselves, the collective intends to bring fans closer together and spread their enthusiasm to a wider audience. Having only debuted earlier this year, they are set to offer more online and offline events, mintings, and campaigns, so stay tuned to their Discord here for more information.

OneCool Collective

Building upon the world of post-apocalyptic robots and aliens in the new release “Warriors of Future” by Ng Yue Fai and Louis Koo, OneCool Collective has released a collection of 10,000 bold and gritty NFTs that bring the six-years-in-the-making visual effects to the metaverse. The film follows the gripping action that ensues after a meteorite bearing extraterrestrials crashes into the Earth of the future that has been irrevocably ruined by climate change and disaster.

Allowing holders to trade interchangeable mechanisms, the NFT stands in for an avatar that can collect and trade armory as well as other gear and body parts. The upcoming Warriors of Future mobile game is due for release and will serve as a battleground for the NFTs to function as a player in battle. Though the mints have sold out, there are more developments planned. Stay in the loop by joining their Discord here.

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