Where to Get Organic Soap Bars in Hong Kong
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All Natural: Where to Get Organic Soap Bars in Hong Kong

If someone tells you that some soap bars can be bad for the environment, would you believe them? After all, soap bars aren’t in plastic containers (unlike body wash) and they’re usually available in carton packaging. What’s the harm, right?

Believe it or not, some commercial soap bars can harm the environment and, of course, your skin too! They contain synthetic chemicals that can dehydrate the skin and aggravate existing skin conditions. Moreover, when rinsed down the drain, the chemicals can pollute waterways and even harm aquatic ecosystems. This is why many people are shifting to organic soaps.

Ready to save the environment and your skin? Here’s where you can get organic soap bars in Hong Kong. 

Coconut Matter

Founded in 2015, Coconut Matter is “the first zero-waste beauty range that will drive you coconuts!” As one of Hong Kong’s natural beauty pioneers, they bring mindfulness and love to every beauty routine by using natural ingredients. They use fair trade, organic virgin coconut oil from rural Solomon Island, which provides livelihood to its communities.

Their soap scrubs (HK$96) come in different types with unique scents: VELVET (sweet coconut), FIRE (sweet citrus), EARTH (soft peppermint), and WOOD (coconut with lemon eucalyptus). If you don’t like scented soaps, you can get their WILD Coconut Oil Soap Scrub instead. All orders come with a reusable soap bag made from sisal plant, which can also be used as a natural exfoliator.

For more details, you can visit Coconut Matter’s official website or follow their Instagram. You can also get their products from Live Zero, Spice Box Organics, and Organic We.

VELVET Coconut Oil Soap Scrub
Photo by Website/Coconut Matter

Bathe to Basics

Bathe to Basics is a premium handmade and organic skincare, bath, and body brand. Founded in 2011, they make products that focus on quality over aesthetic. Everything is formulated using modern research but stays true to traditional organic and eco-friendly values.

Priced at HK$98 apiece, the bar soaps cater to different skin needs. Their best-selling Basic Cream Bar comes in three formulas:

  • Basic Cream Bar No. 1 – Made with 72% organic extra virgin olive oil formula, which is safe for people with sensitive skin, including babies and pregnant mothers
  • Basic Cream Bar No. 2 – Made with organic olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and sweet almond oil formula for people with oily and combination skin
  • Basic Cream Bar No. 3 – Made with shea butter and antioxidant-rich vitamin E formula for people with dry and dull-looking skin

Get your organic bar soap from their official website. For inquiries, you can send an email to [email protected].

Bathe to Basics Basic Cream Bars
Photo by Website/Bathe to Basics

Isabel's Handmade Soap

Isabel's Handmade Soap is the first Hong Kong-made goat milk soap brand. They have engineered the finest goat milk formula to create soaps that provide the most benefits. Their products are ideal whether you have dry and sensitive skin or have skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. They’re SGS-certified so you’re sure that each product you’ll buy has undergone proper testing and inspection.

For HK$148, you can choose from three types: Unscented Goat Milk Soap with Avocado Oil & Lanolin, Unscented Goat Milk Soap with Ginseng & Tuber Fleeceflower, and Unscented Goat Milk Soap with Beeswax & Honey. All soaps are 100% handmade and have a shelf life of two years.

You can order your goat milk soap from their official website. For more information, you can follow their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Unscented Goat Milk Soap with Avocado Oil & Lanolin - Soap King
Photo by Website/Isabel's Handmade Soap

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