Where to Shop Fashionable Tote Bags in Hong Kong
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Where to Shop Fashionable Tote Bags in Hong Kong Designed Just for You

Where to Shop Fashionable Tote Bags in Hong Kong Designed Just for You

For people who are always on the go but don’t want to get stuck in style ruts, a tote bag is the perfect carry-all for you.

Tote bags are highly recommended if you want to reduce your carbon footprint as they are the best alternative for plastic bags when shopping or going to casual outings. Moreover, tote bags have become a fashion statement as they are casually stylish, practical, and sustainable.

Whether you’re looking for a personalised bag for work or for your special someone, we’ve scoured the web to find unique and fashionable tote bags in Hong Kong.


Homeless is a lifestyle-centered retail store in Hong Kong that opened in 2003 with more than 10 outlets across the region. The store was named Homeless because all their items are waiting for people to take them home.

The lifestyle store offers over 3,000 items including unique and fashionable tote bags. Some of the cute tote bags we spotted are the Miffy Recycled Teddy shopping bag (HK$$399), Moma History of Art tote bag (HK$178), and Miffy Linen shopping bag (HK$94), among others.

Shop Homeless


Artfia is the go-to gift shop for those looking for unique and fashionable tote bags in Hong Kong. Their canvas tote bags are perfect for everyday use and can be personalised according to your preferred design. You may choose among the shop’s available templates or add your favourite photos, special texts/characters, or funny quotes.

Some sample tote bag designs you can purchase online are an autumn cute panda, cactus in a pot, couple photos, and Christmas-themed designs, to name a few. Price ranges from HK$85-HK$104. 

Shop Artfia

MoMa Design Store

Are you fascinated with the Hong Kong skyline? Hailed as one of the most beautiful skylines in the world, the city boasts the nightlife and romantic views from the famous Victoria Harbour.

If, like us, you appreciate the eye-catching beauty of the city, check out this unique and fashionable tote bag from MoMa. Adapted from the work of British designer Alexandra Palmowsk, this canvas tote bag is painted with colourful patterns featuring the city's towering skyscrapers and mountainous landscape.

Other designs you’ll surely love from MoMa’s collections are these budget-friendly cotton tote bags designed with quotes from artists. Each tote bag costs HK$98.

Shop MoMa Design Store

Miss Fong in Hong Kong

Miss Fong in Hong Kong is a gift shop owned by a local blogger and doodler who creates themed greeting cards, tote bags, and other cute items using various icons that represent Hong Kong culture.

The shop’s canvas tote bags include cute designs like hot pot, pineapple bun, dim sum, Cantonese opera drama queen, '90s hip-hop Still Ballin' in a fishball stick, and more. You may score these tote bags for HK$120 each. 

Shop Miss Fong in Hong Kong

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