ARAO X JOANIQUE Release New ‘Alchemy’ Collection


ARAO X JOANIQUE Unveils Quechua Inspired Collection

Hong Kong based fine jewellery brand ARAO has collaborated with Joanique to bring a Peruvian ‘Quechua’ inspired collection, combining ARAO’s south sea pearls with the imaginative interpretations of Peruvian folklore and dreams.

Lauded as a cult favourite by editors at Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar in France and Europe, independent accessories brand Joanique teams up with ARAO to bring a ‘wanderlust’ collection in honour of our lost travel experiences from the pandemic years.

Alchemy by ARAO X JOANIQUE as a collection is a thoughtful extension of every day luxury, inspired by Joanique founder Malou Araneta’s, wellness retreat in Peru. There, Malou experienced first-hand, the beautiful culture of the Quechua people.

ARAO X JOANIQUE south sea pearls
ARAO X JOANIQUE Unveils Quesha Inspired Collection

Quechua or ‘Runasimi’ is also the unifying language of the Inca Empire, in the same way dreams can offer a universal communication or exchange. Malou explains: “Quesha [Quechua] symbols or designs are inspired by nature. Some are based on myth folklore, while others are symbolic of dreams.”

The soulful narrative of Quechua symbolism resonated with ARAO founder, Mirabel Rosar, an avid traveller herself. In creating versatile and contemporary designs, the pieces are crafted to suit a lifestyle of travel and the spirit of discovery.

“Through the collection,” shares Mirabel, “it’s almost as if the wearer also goes on the same soul journey”.

Each Alchemy design makes an easy transition from day to night, celebrating the luxury found in day-to-day living, through dreaming, and visiting our favourite places around the world once again.

Where to buy: Novel Fineries, BE4 Basement, The Peninsula Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

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