2022 Back-to-School Essentials to Make Class Fun Again
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Checklist of Back-to-School Must Haves to Kickstart Your Children’s Semester

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It’s back-to-school season, once again marking the time to get geared up for class and to see the little ones reunite with their friends. Breaking away from the pandemic period of hardships and uncertainties that relegated classrooms to the digital plane, it’s finally the school year to celebrate the extended in-person return to campus, in style of course.

For an A+ semester of fruitful learning and fun, here is our back-to-school edit for the best classroom essentials that won’t bore.

KIPSTA Backpacks

Back to School essentials 2022

Time away from face-to-face learning has made it especially hard to foster afterschool hobbies and weekend passions, especially in the case of team sports. Get the kids back into the sporting spirit with this stylish 17L KIPSTA Essential schoolbag that comes in up to three distinct colourways of rose and grey, sunshine with coral and turquoise trim, and pistachio and blue grey two-tone. Built with a special section specifically for storing your kicks, and cut from a handy waterproof polyester, it’s easy to transition from the classroom to any sports field or gymnasium with all your gear in tow.

Showing similar multi-pocket use and offering extra compartments for students taking extra credit, the 25L KIPSTA Academic bag has space to organise both your laptop and your lace ups. Segregated into seven pockets, shoe compartment included, this schoolbag allows students to stay on top of class and extracurriculars by keeping everything categorised and in check. What’s more, the front pocket is removable too, adding a bit of fun for whenever you need to add a pop of colour to your day.

A Moleskine of Their Own

Back to School essentials 2022
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As much as the world has moved on to digital tools, there’s something irreplaceable about scribbling into a pen-and-paper notebook. In fact, there have been scientific findings that prove that writing on physical paper can help to improve the recall of the written information thanks to brain activity.

Make the process of transcribing by hand feel less like a chore and more like an exciting feat by finding a notebook that feels unique. Turning a classic Moleskine notebook into something special and personal, the Fluid Art Workshop at the summer Create’n’Go pop-up at once offers an experience of a creative endeavour to try out as a family, and a piece of cool stationary that nobody else has.

No required painting skills or experience is needed to join, though the activity is recommended for upper primary and above because of how fiddly it can get. Paying tribute to the study buddy who will never let you down, the workshop also includes a complimentary cup of house brew for parents provided by the coffee corner from The Porter. Click here to book your session now, as the pop-up workshop only runs until Sept. 30.

Bamboo Bento Box

Back to School essentials 2022

Whether it’s to cut costs, for a special diet, or because you want to show you care, opening up a packed lunch brimming with goodies from home is guaranteed to be the highlight of any young student’s school day. Coming in a cute shade of cotton candy pink and casual beige, with utensils to go with, these bamboo fibre bento boxes from Hong Kong-based brand Bamboa are perfect for classroom snacks and meals. Produced sustainably with biodegradable materials, the lunch boxes are also good for the earth!


Back to School essentials 2022
Website/The Lion Rock Press

Bringing your own water bottle is a highly underrated practice that may feel small but can lead to great impact. Taking a stand against one of the world’s greatest pollutants with its Chinglish inscription of “No Plastic Mm Goi,” this handy near two-litre bottle from The Lion Rock Press is a locally designed marvel that can be brought to school by its handy strap.

Made using kitchen-grade stainless steel, the bottle is guaranteed to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, as well as maintain drinks temperature for longer. Adaptable to both hot and cold drinks thanks to the double insulation inside, it’s a year-round accessory that can help to save a whole load of plastics and non-recyclable materials from hitting the landfills. Plus, the colourways of pink, teal, navy, and steel are all super stylish additions to bring along to class.

Dr. Kong School Shoes

Back to School essentials 2022
Facebook/ Dr. Kong健康鞋 (Hong Kong Official)

Locally established brand Dr. Kong integrates orthopaedic design into daily footwear that students will be spending most of their days in. Each store also offers a “Check & Fit” station that helps shoppers assess their personalised fit and conditions to find the right shoe, and at the right price. Sizes range all the way from EUR23 to EUR45, with different designs to suit dress codes and preferences.

Opting for the leather range, the P3000001E3 loafer is a classic unisex option that’s easy to strap on with a Velcro top. There is also the P2000071 ballet flat with a slight sheen for something a bit more water-resistant. To browse their full range of especially designed school shoes and white sports trainers, click here.

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