Where to Find Bubble Bath Products for Toddlers in Hong Kong

Pamper Time! Where to Find Bubble Bath Products for Toddlers in Hong Kong

After a long and exhausting day at work, we all deserve to relax in a sumptuous and foamy bubble bath to reduce body pain and stress. But when it comes to kids' bathing and skin care, parents should find the right products that won’t irritate skin or trigger allergies to ensure a fun bubbly bath.

So, we’ve listed some of Hong Kong's most popular bubble bath brands for toddlers and older children.

Note: It is best to consult with a pediatrician before you start using skincare products for your babies.

Baby Central

Founded in 2010, Baby Central is the brainchild of two mothers based in Hong Kong who aim to provide a wide range of baby items and essentials to make childcare more convenient and hassle-free. The shop offers next-day delivery services and personally tested all of their gift ideas and products.

For babies as young as three months old, they have a plant-based bubble bath, biodegradable baby bubble bath formula, and a gentle vapor bubble bath. While kids aged three and older may enjoy a foam party with these vegan-friendly, lightly scented, and cleansing bath bombs from Nailmatic. It has three galaxy-themed variants: supernova, comet, and cosmic.

Serendipity House

As a family-centric brand, Serendipity House promotes a healthy lifestyle and serendipitous experience among their customers. The shop’s bubble bath products for toddlers in Hong Kong are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, natural, and organic.

For a foamy bubble bath experience, you can purchase from different brands available at the Serendipity House including Attitude Living’s Little Leaves (watermelon and coco and vanilla and pear); Babo Botanicals’ moisturising baby bubble bath and wash with oat milk and organic calendula; and Puracy’s natural baby bath in lavender and vanilla.

Mothercare Hong Kong

Apart from offering child-friendly essentials, Mothercare Hong Kong also provides additional insights through their products. Each item is designed to assist parents in juggling the tiresome yet fulfilling routine of parenting.

Under the baby and kids toiletries catalogue, you can find various baby care bath essentials including the All We Know Baby Bubble Bath. This product is a tear-free bubble bath formulated with olive oil and soothing chamomile. It is midwife tested and hypoallergenic to ensure a happy and gentle bubbly bath time

Copa Cobbana

Copa Cobbana features products that are inspired and combined with fragrances from Egypt and Thailand, bringing in “herbal yet citrusy” blends. Some of its popular aromas are lemongrass, white orchid, jasmine, pomelo, and fig.

For the baby bath and beauty line, Copa Cobbana especially formulated extra mild products made from cocoa, vanilla, green tea, aloe vera, and fig to make your baby’s skin smoother and softer.

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