No Act is Too Small With These Sustainability Apps in HK

No Act is Too Small With These Sustainability Apps in Hong Kong

Waste has been a perennial problem in Hong Kong, a densely urbanised city of around 7.6 million people grappling with landfills on the verge of overcapacity. But despite gaining notoriety for its stinky rubbish woes, Hong Kong is making significant strides not just in curbing its waste problem but in embracing sustainability. From stores that do away with single-use containers to influencers ditching fast fashion for preloved, no contribution is too small when it comes to protecting our environment. If you want to up your sustainability game and embed it into your daily routine, consider these eco-friendly apps in Hong Kong!

Water for Free

Did you know that Hong Kong churns out more than seven million plastic bottles every day? That’s more than enough to fill a stadium! Enter Water for Free, a mobile app that points you to water dispensers dotted all over Hong Kong. This is a great way to motivate people to bring their refillable water containers to ultimately eradicate plastic bottles. The app supports Google Maps and provides useful information like temperature and opening hours. You can also report new water dispensers installed around the city to help the community.

Water for Free is available for iOS and Android users.


Food waste makes up a large portion of Hong Kong’s mounting waste problem. The food rescuers behind mobile app CHOMP want to solve that by allowing consumers to purchase edible goodies that are either unsold for the day or have a short life span. Aside from allowing hungry Hong Kongers to get a discount on their next meal, this business model also enables pandemic-hit F&B stores to clear out their excess supply. On the app, you can choose from a bevy of CHOMP’s partner cafés and restaurants with the most convenient pick-up time, then select a “Mystery Box.” Once your order is confirmed, head over to the store at the agreed pick-up time to collect your food.

My Impact

Developed by homegrown non-government organisation EcoDrive, My Impact helps you monitor your plastic reduction progress by classifying your habits into three: refuse, reuse, and recycle. Refused a bottle at a convenience store? Log it! Brought your own refillable container at the grocery? Track it! My Impact also summarises users’ milestones in kilograms to encourage them to ditch single-use plastics. You can even add your family and friends and celebrate each other’s achievements!

Soo Where to Eat

Studies show that meat consumption harms the environment by contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, and pollution. If you are willing to ditch meat to save the environment, Soo Where to Eat will be your best bud. The app points you to the closest plant-based restaurants, shops, and grocery stores. Relevant details are also displayed, such as operating hours and contact details.

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