Last Phase of ‘Blossom Around Town’ Gardens Now Open!
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Summer in Bloom: Catch the Last Phase of the 2022 ‘Blossom Around Town’ Gardens

20220916 Summer in Bloom Catch the Last Phase of the Blossom Around Town Gardens header Photo by Website/Blossom Around Town

Transforming the Hong Kong concrete jungle into a summer oasis of grand floral landscapes and garden displays, the final phase of the lush “Blossom Around Town” festival has started. Opening up gorgeous, themed garden plots across the 18 districts, these photogenic pockets of greenery and fun flower arrangements are open for visit.

Assigning an ambassador of sorts in the form of a local flower species, this year’s face is the bell-shaped Calibrachoa. Springing up in delicate clusters, they come in a range of jewelled tones and are referred to as the “Million Bells” due to the way they grow to obscure their surrounding foliage in bright bursts of domed petals.

Website/Blossom Around Town

Combining our yearning for travel with Hong Kong’s newfound pandemic-era penchant for natural excursions, the floral festival pulls inspiration from all over the world, as well as from fantastical mythologies to design some wonderful spaces. Find your little moment of calm and revel in the last few weeks of summertime by relaxing at one of the Blossom Around Town installation around the city’s best parks.

As if entering the woodland-inspired world of Sylvanian Families, the quaint Cherry Street Park garden is decorated with whimsical patches of flowers and a relaxing greenhouse where you can bring along some iced sweet tea to sip on. Drawing on English-style cottage gardening, it is one of the locations in the “Western-style” plots that make up the Blossom Around Town roster.

Website/Blossom Around Town

Accompanying Cherry Street Park on the list of Western style garden setups is Hong Kong Park, which features a courtyard with a central recycled wood log cabin for seating, as well as an adorable mock fireplace. Titled “Moments Together,” the storyline behind the installation is inspired by the reunion of old friends after being set apart because of distance and time. A cosy alcove for catch-up chats and breezy strolls, the space is brimming with a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

Website/Blossom Around Town

Leading visitors away to the tropics, the “Prism in the Water” garden at Yuen Long Park is inspired by the Balinese “Gate to Heaven” showing a dazzling multicoloured scene. Replete with a tranquil mini pond that could easily have been marked as a resort pool, there’s plenty of references to the island nation in the form of wood and clay décor, and equatorial plants. A few snaps of the vibrant orchids on your Instagram story will have your followers scratching their heads wondering where you’ve jetted off to!

Website/Blossom Around Town

Similarly incorporating elements from Southeast Asian culture, Phase 1 area of the Quarry Bay Park boasts “A Relaxing, Tranquil Space” that once again draws from Bali’s contrasting use of brown timbre against the leafy emeralds. Featuring an angular pavilion that looks closer to a contemporary art sculpture than a sheltered public bench, this immersive manicured lot will see you head into a paradise away from the Eastern District bustle.

Website/Blossom Around Town

Of course, the “Oriental Style” gardens would not be complete without an homage to local culture. Taking on traditional Chinese aesthetics by incorporating the existing park constructions into the “Flowers in Bloom. Resonance” garden, Kowloon Tsai Park dials back the clock to bring visitors into a classical Jiangnan plot.

Website/Blossom Around Town

With so much more to explore, take a look at the full catalogue of gardens with details of their addresses by clicking here.

Eager botanists who have already stamped every garden plot on their bucket list can click here to vote for their favourite one to cheer on their top choice, and stand the chance to win some gift coupons as part of a lucky draw!

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