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Experience Hong Kong like never before with The Beat Asia's newsletters direct to your inbox. With four unique, hand-curated newsletters, you can stay ahead of the game with the best features, profiles, and guides for family fun, nightlife events, and F&B news.

The Beat Digest

Start your week off with fresh content with The Beat Digest exploring the stories of Hong Kong's top influencers, famous figures, business leaders, F&B veterans, eco-warriors, amongst other colourful personalities.

The List | What's On

Get the scoop on the hottest happenings in the city with our What's On newsletter, released every Wednesday, which showcases ten events taking place between the Wednesday of send to the following Tuesday. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘What’s On’ coverage including cultural and social events, business networking spaces, and unusual fun activities.

The List | Weekender Guide

If you're looking for a night out, check out our Weekender guide, released every Thursday. This exclusive weekly guide offers the best night-time events happening in the city between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for wining, evening dining, and partying.

Delish Insider

Finally, end your week with our Delish Insider, released bi-weekly. This newsletter covers Hong Kong's bustling F&B industry with the latest news, openings, reviews, and profiles from the world of food, spirits, wine, and cooking.

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