4 Professional Organizers in HK to Help You Tidy Up

4 Professional Organizers in Hong Kong to Help You Conquer Your Clutter

Minimalism has taken over the chatter in recent years, largely thanks to the decluttering technique popularized by Japanese organization guru Marie Kondo. But we know how untangling wires, tackling things per category, and putting order to a chaotic space could be overwhelming. Aside from being physically taxing, organizing is a sentimental process, too. Some people find it hard to part ways with stuff they have acquired over the years. In Hong Kong, there is a growing niche of professional organizers trained to handle your space’s mess. Whether you are moving out or redesigning your space, these professionals will guide you all the way—one dirty item at a time.

The Happy Space Company

It was motherhood that pushed former corporate lawyer Nassim Secci to give birth to a professional home organizing company. “I not only organized my home, but I also organized every aspect of my life: My phone. My laptop. My photos. My finances, activities, and subscriptions. I tackled my estate planning, organized my health, thought about my career, family, and life goals,” Nassim wrote on her company’s website, recounting her transition from being an always-on-the-go lawyer to a full-time mom. Now helming The Happy Space Company, Nassim believes decluttering is a spiritually cleansing experience that can make one feel lighter and happier. The Happy Space Company offers three packages: Perfect Space, Do-It-Yourself, and Virtual Design, with fees ranging from HK$1,000 to HK$31,000, depending on the space and length of service. You can expect an initial visit from them to assess your space, and based on your package, a bespoke organization plan, and its actual implementation.

If you are unsure which package fits your space and needs, you can book a free consultation with The Happy Space Company.


Marina Voronina is a KonMari consultant, a certified professional organizer accredited in Russia and the United States, and the founder of ClutterFree.HK. A trilingual and graduate of applied mathematics, Marina finds nothing more rewarding than “seeing someone transform and create positive changes in their life.” ClutterFree.HK offers decluttering and organizing services, move management, home redesign, and junk removal and hauling. The hourly rate for organizing and consultation ranges from HK$800 to HK$1,200, while a fixed three-hour organizing session costs HK$1,900 to HK$3,000. Marina also conducts workshops and trainings for homeowners, corporates, and domestic helpers.


Founded in 2016, JuppUk offers on-site organizing, clutter management consultation, storage solutions, and space planning, among other services. The company is helmed by Orange Tam, a graduate of economics and finance, and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers in the U.S. and the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers in United Kingdom. She is the first certified professional organizer in Hong Kong recognized by the Certified Professional Organizer from Board of Certification for Professional Organizers in 2017. JuppUk has worked with more than 150 households, as well as dozens of brands in Hong Kong.

Home Therapy

Another recommended professional organizer in Hong Kong is Home Therapy, which helps clients “turn clutters into an efficient space for households and businesses.” Sharon Lam, a certified professional organizer at the Japan Shuno Licensing Association, founded Home Therapy in an effort to help Hong Kongers achieve a clutter-free home despite the constraints of a limited space. Home Therapy offers in-home organization, door-to-door storage services, and corporate workshops.

You may visit their Facebook or Instagram to send your inquiries.

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