Laughing with Laparasian, TikTok's French-Chinese Meme Icon
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Laughing with Laparasian, TikTok's French-Chinese Meme Icon

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Stephanie Cheng, also known as Laparasian on Instagram and TikTok, is a captivating influencer whose story is as diverse as her content. Born in France to Chinese parents, Stephanie grew up in Paris, worked in Canada, and has now settled in Hong Kong. Sitting down for an exclusive chat with The Beat Asia, she shares her journey and how it has shaped her online presence.

Affectionately known as Laparasian, derived from the combination of "La Parisian" and "Asian," Stephanie moved to Hong Kong in 2017 after completing her master's degree in France. It was during this time that she fell in love with Asia and decided to plant her new roots in Hong Kong.

"I [had] worked for a French marketing agency in Hong Kong for about two years. I absolutely loved my experience here, from the culture, the people, the food, and also met many friends," Stephanie recalled.

Having lived in different parts of the world, including Canada, Hong Kong, and France, Stephanie began to notice the subtle nuances and differences between French and Western versus Chinese customs. She found these cultural differences fascinating and felt compelled to share them with the world.

"Through my travels and interactions with locals, I discovered the cultural differences to be intriguing. I believed that people who find themselves in-between cultures would relate to these differences. That's how my content creation began," Stephanie explained.

Stephanie's unique perspective as a Chinese-French woman living in Hong Kong pushed her to rediscover her Asian ethnicity and share her findings and cultural experiences on Instagram and TikTok. Quickly gaining attention online, Stephanie began to step into her role as a lovable internet personality with a comedic edge and keen eye for culture.

"I love Hong Kong because it strikes the perfect balance with both urban and natural elements, with its sea and mountains. The multicultural nature of the city truly reflects who I am," Stephanie remarked.

Reflecting on her incredible success and the hundreds of thousands of followers she has gained worldwide, Stephanie remains humbled and astounded by her online growth.

"I initially started creating videos to capture memories and never expected to gain such popularity online. I'm proud and grateful that I can bring laughter, especially during difficult times like the pandemic," she expressed. 

She says her return to Hong Kong only helped to continue her growth, with her content developing alongside her interests, extending her passions to her fans in Asia and beyond.

“When I travelled to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand I received tons of support from followers all over. I did not expect that and I can’t wait to connect more with my audience from Asia."

Stephanie affectionately refers to her followers as "snacks," a term that pays homage to her food adventures and also serves as an internet slang compliment meaning "cute and sexy." She deeply appreciates her followers and the impact they have had on her journey.

"It brings me immense joy when people reach out to me and say that watching my videos feels like hanging out with their best friend. I feel like a big sister and a trusted friend. I'm forever grateful for the support and love I receive from my followers," Stephanie expressed.

Looking to the future, Stephanie has ambitious plans. Beyond interacting with her fans and the world around her through Instagram, she is also bringing to life her own creative dreams and turning it into something more palpable.

"I want to share my adventures through longer video formats," remarks Stephanie on her goals to amp up on her content's production value "I also aspire to launch my own jewelry brand that celebrates self-love, growth, and womanhood," she revealed.

To keep up with Stephanie Laparasian Cheng's exciting journey, follow her on Instagram at @laparasian.

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