Indonesian Noodles Not Safe for Consumption – MOH Malaysia

Gov’t Orders Recall on Indonesian Noodles Over Cancer-causing Substance

The Ministry of Health (MOH) issued a recall order on the Ah Lai Penang White Curry and Indomie Special Chicken Flavour products in Malaysia following Taipei’s Department of Health’s detection of ethylene oxide among the products, government news portal Bernama reported yesterday.

Ethylene oxide is a carcinogenic substance and a flammable, colourless gas with a sweet odour. It is used to manufacture anti-freeze chemicals, which are commonly found in pesticides and detergents.

The MOH ordered a voluntary recall of the White Curry noodle products that will expire on Aug. 25, 2023. Health Director-General Datuk Dr. Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan has also given orders to test and hold the release of Indomie Special Chicken Flavour instant noodles coming from Indonesia and called on the manufacturer to voluntary recall affected products. He advised the public to “not purchase or consume these products.” 

On the other hand, Indofood Director Fransiscus (Franky) Welirang said in an interview with CNN Indonesia yesterday that the company has complied with the provisions of Indonesian Food and Drug Authority (BPOM) and the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency from the destination country.

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