NY Trial Puts 1MDB, The Fugees, and Leo in Same Case

Leo Dicaprio Testifies at Trial of Fugees Member Laundering 1MDB Money

Leonardo DiCaprio’s connection to the most brazen financial scandal ever just doesn’t seem to end. Now, he’s in court to testify in a hearing about the stolen funds.

The trial in question is not about Jho Low, but Prakazrel Michel. You probably know him as Pras, a founding member of The Fugees, a seminal trio of Pras, Wyclef Jean, and Lauryn Hill. Pras’ connection in the 1MDB scandal is that he is suspected to be involved in funneling 1MDB money to the United States to influence the government.

As for the subject of Leo’s testimony, it remained about Low being the main financier of “The Wolf of Wall Street.” In an Associated Press report, Low even made regular contributions to the actor’s charity, suggesting he provided the money to make the movie.

Leo added that Low was vetted before the partnership became official. “I was given the green light by my team as well as my studio,” he was quoted as saying. “He was a legitimate businessperson wanting to invest in the movie,” he said.

In what the actor recalled as a “casual conversation,” DiCaprio said Low brought up the possibility of contributing to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. “It was a significant sum – something to the tune of US$20 million to US$30 million,” as per his testimony. 

Jho Low is currently a wanted fugitive and suspected of being housed in Macau by a member of the Chinese Communist Party. He was a subject of an Al Jazeera documentary, “Jho Low: Hunt for a Fugitive.”

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