Dry Season: Malaysia May Restrict Non-Essential Water Use

Malaysia May Restrict Non-Essential Water Use to Gear Up for Drier Weather

Malaysia may have to restrict non-essential water use to prepare for El Niño, as per the Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Ministry.

This is among the measures the ministry may implement following a forecast, which was based on Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia)’s analysis and weather modelling, that the drier and hotter months of April to September will impact the country negatively due to the lack of rainfall.

“During dry weather, water availability becomes a critical issue, with water levels from the river dropping and the dams drying, thus, reducing the level of raw water that can be treated,” the ministry was quoted as saying in a report by The Star.

Under the Water Services Industry Act, the minister may order to restrict the use of water for non-essential purposes, such as watering lawns and parks, during critical situations.

“An Emergency Response Plan will be activated if the water level of rivers and dams becomes too low,” the ministry added.

The public is advised to conserve water for daily use, while enterprises in the commercial and industrial industries can use alternatives for non-potable use.

To prevent wastage, the ministry is also directing water operators to check and fix any leaking pipe right away to prevent wastage.

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