Large Mandarin Orange Price Increases to RM20 Per Kilo
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Mandarin Orange Price Rises Despite Low Shipping Cost as CNY Approaches

In line with the upcoming Chinese New Year, it is anticipated that the price of mandarin oranges will be increased despite its relatively low shipping cost.

According to local traders, one of the reasons for the increase in price among large-sized mandarin oranges is the insignificant amount of harvest that was influenced by weather-related factors, particularly the "persistent drought last year," The Borneo Post reported on Jan. 10.

It was reported that the cost of shipping for a refrigerated container of Mandarin oranges in the past year was RM31,500; however, in this year's harvest, it declined to RM18,370. The smaller and lower-grade varieties of mandarin oranges are priced between RM8 and RM13 per kilogram, whereas the larger varieties of mandarin oranges, such as Lukan and Ponkam, are being sold between RM15 to RM20.

In Chinese traditions, mandarin oranges are believed to symbolise good fortune, abundance, and happiness because of its bright colour and round shape that resembles the sun.

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