Proton X90, Malaysia’s Mild Hybrid SUV, Is Finally Available

Proton X90: Malaysia’s Biggest and Most Expensive Production Car Launched

Proton, Malaysia’s national automaker, has released the X90, its biggest and most expensive model to date. Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim attended the ceremony last May 7, marking the brand’s intent to compete with the region’s, as well as Asia’s, car companies.

As per the report from Malay Mail, the X90 is derived from Geely Haoyue, otherwise known as the Okavango in other markets. The X90 is meant to compete with other three-row sport utility vehicles (SUV) such as the Mazda CX-8, Peugeot 5008, and Nissan X-Trail.

Under the hood is a new breed of hybrid engine called Mild Hybrid. The inclusion of a 48-volt belt-starter generator (BSG), and a lithium-ion battery located under the boot to store power, differentiates the X90 from the other SUVs in Proton’s lineup, including the mid-sized X50 and X70.

Proton claims the X90 will provide smooth start/stop function, among a host of other capabilities as provided by the company on their website:

  • Dynamic Boost - Additional power during low-speed acceleration
  • Full Boost - Additional power and torque during overtaking
  • Smart Glide - Engine shuts down and transmission disengages during coasting to reduce fuel consumption and frictional losses
  • Extended Shut Down - Engine shuts down below 15km/h to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Auto Start Stop - Engine remains off when vehicle is not in motion.

Watch the full launch of the Proton X90 below:

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