Fangs by Dekori: A Reptile Café Destination in the Capital
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Scaly, Not Scary: Fangs by Dekori Is Malaysia’s First Reptile Café

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“Cooooold blooooooded!” Fangs by Dekori is one of the few places where this famous phrase by Dave Chappelle could ring out and be technically true. In this café is a pet experience unlike no other, as it is the only one in Malaysia to house reptiles. You heard right: this place allows you to pet snakes and lizards while you order your food.

Rather than get creeped out, owner and herpetology hobbyist Yap Ming Yang hopes that his foray into the unique space of reptile cafés can change minds and raise awareness for these scaly creatures. "People only care about furry animals, cats, dogs, but people always leave out reptiles and snakes," he told Reuters in a report on Feb. 27.

Sticking to the cold theme, Dekori specialises in desserts that can keep customers in low-temperature comfort with some sinful-looking kakigori, a Japanese shaved ice dessert much like the Korean bingsu. They also serve tau fu fa (soybean pudding), waffles, and taro balls swimming in taro milk, any of which can fix the most hankering of sweet tooths.

Dekori has branches all over Malaysia, but their reptile-hosting café is in Subang Jaya just outside Kuala Lumpur. For more information, visit their website.

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