Celebrate CNY With City Gardening KL’s Plant Markets

City Gardening KL Ushers CNY With Plant Markets Across Malaysia

Good news, anthopiles! City Gardening KL is back for a whole month of pop-up stores and rubbing elbows with fellow plant enthusiasts until Jan. 21.

Dubbed the largest CNY plant market in Malaysia, the event is aimed at fighting the negative impacts of climate change and igniting Malaysians’ love for plants.

City Gardening KL will run until Jan. 21 in various cities including Johor, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Kajang.

Locals and tourists can look forward to plant markets with hospitable vendors who are knowledgeable about fauna and flora.

Ask questions about gardening and tree planting as you choose your next purchase from the extensive range of species available, including 36 types of feng shui plants, home plants, flowers, and even rare plants.

Price ranges between RM30 and RM40,000. For more information, check out City Gardening KL on Instagram.

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