People Infected With COVID-19 Can Donate Blood, Says SSM

Macau Greenlights COVID-19-Infected Blood Donors

People with COVID-19 are eligible to donate blood two weeks after symptoms have subsided or their last positive nucleic acid test or rapid antigen test results in a bid to boost supply, The Macau Post Daily reported on Jan. 3, citing the city’s health watchdog.

Macau’s Health Bureau said blood donations has suffered a sharp decrease from the pandemic, adding that the donation centre in the city needs more bloodletting to help stabilise the city’s blood supply.

The bureau emphasised that neither inactivated COVID-19 vaccines nor Biotech’s mRNA jabs should affect blood donations, noting that the blood centre takes strict preventive and disinfection measures in ensuring the cleanliness of the donation site.

Despite the lack of evidence in COVID-19 transmission through blood, donors must notify the blood centre should they test positive two weeks after giving blood. The usual signs to look out for are diarrhoea, coughing, fever, fatigue, or muscle soreness. Anyone who tests positive can call 2828-6699 during working hours, and 2875-2521 on non-working hours.

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