Tuberculosis Cases in Macau Drops by 59.3% After 20 Years

Tuberculosis Cases in Macau Declines by 59.3% After 20 Years

Great news, Macau residents! The incident rate of tuberculosis in the city “has continued to decline” by 59.3% after 20 years, with a rate of 44.4 per 100,000 people in 2022.

In a Macau Daily Times report, the Health Bureau said that treatment in Macau has achieved a success rate of 94.4%, exceeding the World Health Organisation’s target of 85%.

A life-threatening disease, tuberculosis is caused by airborne germs and can negatively affect various body parts such as the lungs, kidneys, brain, and spinal cord.

In 2006, Macau recorded its highest number of tuberculosis cases, with a total of 96,000 individuals affected that year.

During a press conference last November 2022, the Macau SAR government announced its commitment to prioritising the health of the Macanese people.

Aside from focusing on health, the government will also take steps to enhance the livelihood of the people.

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