TasteAtlas: Bibingka is the 13th Best Cake in the World


Bibingka is the 13th Best Cake in the World, According to TasteAtlas

The Philippines’ favorite baked rice cake took the 13th spot at the recently released Top 50 Best Cakes List of 2022 by TasteAtlas, a well-known online gastronomic database featuring food guides and an interactive global food map.

Made with rice flour, eggs, coconut milk, butter, coconut, and some cheese, bibingka got a rating of 4.43 stars out of five. It outranked internationally known cakes, such as Spain’s Basque cheesecake (22nd), and the United States’ molten chocolate cake (35th) and New York-style cheesecake (41st).

Bibingka is initially prepared in clay pots lined with banana leaves to give it a distinctive smoky flavor. It’s usually associated with Christmas, but it has become a breakfast staple — and sometimes, an afternoon snack — in the country for its fluffy goodness. Through the years, its recipe has evolved to include other ingredients, such as grated cheese and salted duck eggs.

Bibingka also ranked as the 39th Best Rated Breakfast in the World as of July 2022 and 76th Best Rated Street Food in the World as of June 2022.

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