5 Places for Artisanal Doughnuts in Metro Manila

5 Places for Artisanal Doughnuts in Metro Manila for Your Sweet Treat

If sweets were to have a family tree, doughnuts would fall under the offspring of pastries and desserts. Their versatility (they go well with coffee or a cold beverage) and variety make them a favorite go-to of anyone looking to satisfy their need for a quick sweet fix.

Beyond the sugar-glazed doughnuts that used to attract a beeline prior to the pandemic are artisanal versions that are worth your attention, too. Plus, they come in creative varieties: torched, filled, vegan, or flecked with fruit bits, cacao nibs, and sprinkles.

Check out The Beat Asia’s top five artisanal doughnuts in Metro Manila!

Simone and Amelia

Owned by two friends who share the same passion for pastries and local flavors, Simone and Amelia offers doughnuts that taste as good as they look. They recently came up with sourdough doughnuts that are handmade and slowly proofed to create a light and fluffy texture. Since doughnuts are not yet officially part of their menu, Simone and Amelia usually takes pre-orders for these goodies. Slots run out fast, though, so follow them on their socials to know when the next batch will be available. A box of four is priced at P400 and consists of vanilla mascarpone, pistachio cream, strawberry, and homemade Nutella flavors.

Green Bar

We know the struggle of looking for vegan-friendly restos and shops in the metro. This three-in-one restaurant based in Makati wants to change that by incorporating plant-based ingredients into your usual meals and sweets so you don’t have to feel guilty after going on a binge. And yes, that includes doughnuts! Green Bar offers vegan doughnuts in a variety of flavors such as matcha, chocolate, peanut butter and jelly, and more. Their regular holed doughnuts cost P80, while the filled ones go for P90 apiece.

Rogue Doughnuts

This artisanal bakery knows that while pretty pastries will surely win Instagram likes, they are not enough to stand out in a crowded race. Enter Patis Honey Glazed, Rogue Doughnuts’ fun twist to our well-loved baked goodie. These sourdough doughnuts are glazed with patis and honey, pulling off a nice contrast of sweet and salty. Other exciting flavors to try are ube cheese, cacao nibs, lemon salt meringue, and calamansi glazed. You can order the doughnuts online, with prices per piece ranging from P95 to P125.


From their home-based micro-bakery in Makati, Manbuns makes a slew of to-die-for doughnuts and sourdough breads up for grabs online. Their classic box of six is a combination of cinnamon and sugar-glazed doughnuts at a wallet-friendly price of P175. They also have the premium version for P350, which includes our personal favorites ensaymada, maple bacon, and crème brulee. All their products are handmade and available for pre-order, with at least one-day lead time. Aside from doughnuts, Manbuns’ sourdough breads and Basque burnt cheesecake are also worth trying!

Catabolic Café

Aside from their fried chicken and waffles, Quezon City-based Catabolic Café is known for their beignets, square-shaped doughs deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. A box of 12 is priced at P140 and goes up to P200 if you want to add a chocolate dip. For classic doughnuts, you can choose from four available fillings: cheese, Nutella, peanut butter and jelly, and strawberry. Catabolic Café also has the premium version in four choices: tres leches, s’mores, Oreo, and Chips Ahoy cookie. A box of six premium-flavored doughnuts ranges from P480 to P600. Make sure to order at least one day in advance (cut-off at 6 PM) or two days for tres leches as the bakers need to soak the dough overnight.

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