Your Gastronomic Guide to the Best Bulalo Spots in Tagaytay
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Your Gastronomic Guide to the Best Bulalo Spots in Tagaytay

Your Gastronomic Guide to the Best Bulalo Spots in Tagaytay

Bulalo is practically a religion in Tagaytay. Almost every corner of the second summer capital of the Philippines has bulalo restaurants waiting for hungry customers to dine in. With hot broth, chewy beef shanks, and ungodly satisfying bone marrow, it's not hard to understand why people are drawn to this classic Pinoy dish. While it's easy and convenient to make bulalo at home, the experience of having it in the cold city of Tagaytay is one for the books. Are you heading to Tagaytay soon? Don’t forget to swing by any of these joints to satisfy your bulalo cravings.

Farmer’s Table

Located on a cozy lot in the barangay of Pulong Sagingan is Farmer’s Table, the brainchild of renowned chef Kalel Chan. Whether you’re in search of farm-to-table dishes or just want to have a taste of authentic bulalo, you’ll be glad to find everything you need from this al fresco restaurant. From bone marrow bulalo (P995) to beef kare-kare (P650), Farmer’s Table will take you on a scrumptious beef adventure.

Location: Farmer’s Table, Nurture Wellness Village, 7310 Pulong Sagingan, Tagaytay City

Balay Dako

If Balay Dako is still not on your radar, you’re missing out. This homey restaurant offers delicious bulalo that serves five to six people for P1,070. What’s special about their bulalo is that it comprises soft beef, Chinese cabbage, string beans, and blackened onions for added color. Other options from their menu are sisig na baboy (P395), halaan sa luya (P460), tokwa’t baboy (290), and more.

Location: Balay Dako, 4120 Nasugbu Hi-way, Tagaytay City

Mon’s Restaurant

Mon’s Restaurant, a dining spot owned by the entrepreneurs behind Camp Benjamin, can be found in the quaint barangay of Taywanak Ilaya in Alfonso, Cavite. Must-try is their rich and flavorful bulalo served with corn which you can get for P650. Other options like beef caldereta (P400), crispy kare-kare (P650), and tuna sisig (P300) are also on offer. Just a 10-minute drive from Tagaytay, Mon’s Restaurant is a convenient place for those who want to stay away from overcrowded restaurants in the city.

Location: Mon’s Restaurant, 4123 Alfonso-Maragondon Road, Barangay Taywanak Ilaya, Alfonso, Cavite

Bulalo Point Tagaytay

If you’re on a tight budget, Bulalo Point Tagaytay is the place to be. It’s just tucked away on the hi-way of Nasugbu, which makes it easily accessible. They have an extensive menu of culinary delights including crispy tawilis (P230), sinigang pork ribs (P330), crispy pata (P495), and their appetizing version of the classic bulalo (P420). Also available are variants like kare-kareng bulalo and sinampalukang bulalo, which you can order for P480 each.

Location: Bulalo Point Tagaytay, 4120 Nasugbu Hi-way, Tagaytay City

Leslie’s Ridge and Restaurant

What started as a pasabulong center in 1999 is now one of the most famous bulalo spots in Tagaytay. Leslie’s Ridge and Restaurant is conveniently located on Aguinaldo hi-way where most of the joints are situated. Aside from their well-loved bulalo (P695), they also have crispy pata (P599), calamares (P350), tuna sisig (P375), and more Filipino dishes. This restaurant is the perfect place to sip on hot bulalo soup while taking in the beauty of the taal volcano.

Location: Leslie’s Ridge and Restaurant, 4120 Nasugbu Hi-way, Tagaytay City

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