7 Budget Hotels That Meet the Proper Hotel Experience

7 Budget Hotels in Metro Manila That Meet the Proper Hotel Experience

There’s a certain comfort in knowing that you’re staying in a hotel. A big part of it is having receptionists who can help you and probably know the area. Having most of your necessities and a bed that isn’t 90% spring also help, because what else could you possibly want after a night out of walking, eating, partying, and drinking?

But, it’s undeniable that spending anything upwards of P5,000 for a room for one night is starting to get absurd. To pile on that, you can’t touch anything you can consume within that room because you’ll be charged an exorbitant amount. To save you some money, here are some budget hotels that are actually budget and are actually hotels.

Hop Inn

Hop Inn hotels are basic, bare but the essentials, and clean. And that’s good. When you know what you need, and probably brought what you need, Hop Inn provides what you really need: a comfortable bed in a no-fuss room. With most of their hotels around or in business districts, it’s a plus knowing that the places you would want to visit are within walking distance or a short cab ride away.

Rates: Start at P1,400+

Rates come with: Wi-Fi connection and parking

Location: All over Metro Manila

Red Planet

Red Planet is Luigi to Hop Inn’s Mario. Or Red Planet is Mario and Hop Inn is Luigi. They’re so identical that the only difference between these two is the color of their theme and their hotel receptionists. And again, that’s good. Red Planet charges you for the absolute necessities, but doesn’t shortchange you in the quality of their amenities.

Usual rates: Start at P1,400+

Rates come with: Wi-Fi connection and parking

Location: All over Metro Manila

OYO Hotel Network

It’s important to note that many hotels in the OYO Hotel Network are not affordable. In the most popular spot, and probably the area with the densest OYO-affiliated hotels, which is Makati, you can stumble onto places that have three-star prices. Then, there’s the other kinds of OYO hotels that aren’t really hotels and more like a glorified version of it. Nonetheless, most OYO hotels are actually hotels, almost dirt cheap, and decent. When all you need is a roof over your head, that’s everything.

Usual rates: Start at P1,000 +

Rates come with: Wi-Fi connection

Location: All over the Philippines

Hotel Durban

Hotel Durban PIC01
Art and accommodation | Photo via Facebook/Hotel Durban

Hotel Durban is actually beautiful. The combination of quietly designed interiors dominated by white walls, a prime location in Makati, and a price point that hasn’t moved since forever, there’s almost no negative to this place. The accompanying restaurant serves a deep set of Italian fare, which is probably the most surprising part of this hotel tucked in a corner of the city.

Usual rates: Start at P1,699

Rates come with: Wi-Fi connection

Location: 4875 Durban St. Poblacion, Makati

Privato Hotels

Privato Hotels is a legit three-and-a-half-stars hotel that has a king bed suite for not that much of a fee. For what you get, and how nice the things you’ll be getting, it’s a little hard to believe that it’s so nice for the price. The weirder part is that their cheapest room, which is meant for two people and has two separate beds, is even cheaper. There’s even spa service in the hotel so you go from relaxed to ultra-relaxed in a couple of hours.

Usual rates: Start at P2,100+

Rates come with: Wi-Fi connection, parking

Location: Makati / Ortigas / Quezon City

Go Hotels

Go Hotels has been around so much that it’s easy to forget that they’re there. But, they’re there and you could even argue that they do the template hotels the best. The one gripe about this chain is that they never grew beyond where they are now. Still, the rooms have enough space, the bed is comfortable, and all the storage you could need for a short stay. Not to mention that they have breakfast service and other lengthy stay amenities, which are rare in this price point.

Usual rates: Start at P1,699+

Rates come with: Wi-Fi connection, parking

Location: All over Metro Manila

Victoria Court

Among the budget hotels that seeped through the Filipino culture, there’s one that stands out for its unique, themed approach to room designs: Victoria Court. Their cheapest line of rooms is enough, you never have to go for the more expensive ones. You can feel that this place is made with fun in mind, and with the price you pay, we can’t imagine you not having fun in and out of this place.

Usual rates: Start at P1,995+

Rates come with: Wi-Fi connection, parking

Location: All over Metro Manila

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