Get Off to a Good Start This 2023 With These Feng Shui Tips
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Be at Your Best State of Mind in 2023 With These Feng Shui Tips

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The festivities never seem to end for Filipinos, starting with the Christmas season in the Ber months to the actual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day up until New Year's Eve. For the Chinese-Filipino community, there's also the celebration of the Lunar New Year in the beginning of the year.  

Chinese New Year falls on Jan. 22 this 2023, a Sunday. The Year of the Water Rabbit is the tail-end of the period of eight before transitioning to the period of nine, spelling changes along the way. The rabbit is the fourth animal in Chinese astrology and is known as a symbol of mercy and beauty in Chinese culture.  

Are you ready for 2023? To get you off to a good start this new year, feng shui expert Hanz Cua took to Facebook on Dec. 27 to share a number of tips that you can do to get you all geared up and at your best state of mind. Here are some of them! 

Surround Your Space With Blue as Lucky Color

Blue Color Feng Shui Tips 2023

According to Cua, blue is the lucky color for the Year of the Water Rabbit. Just like this creature, the color blue is often regarded as "calming." To foster a serene environment and state of mind, it may help you to surround yourself with this shade, from little things like a blue journal or blue slippers to keep you in a gentle, relaxed mood


Clean Up

Cleaning Feng Shui Tips 2023

General cleaning is usually done before welcoming the Chinese New Year. Before Jan. 22, ensure that you've tidied up your home. Cleaning up one's own space often feels like you're also "cleaning up" your mind, which can be meditative for some. Put items and clothes that you no longer wear in bags or boxes for donation and dispose of other waste responsibly. If there are items that can be repaired or recycled, don't just chuck these away.  

Cua added that you should also change broken light bulbs and fix leaky faucets, locks, and tidy up your stove. Moreover, you should fill up your containers of salt, rice, and sugar, as well as your LPG (if you're using gas) and water dispenser.  

Fill Home with Light and Sound   

Light and Sound Music Feng Shui Tips 2023

Bright lights and music are some of the things that make a home. Cua advised that you should make your whole home bright to attract prosperity and luck in money. He added that your home should be happy and loud, so don't be apologetic for blasting your favorite music from the speakers. To make your work or reading desk brighter, you can invest in a table lamp that will turn your space into a clean, well-lit place conducive for learning and working. 

Make Peace

Making Peace Feng Shui Tips 2023

Another tip that Cua shared for 2023 is to make peace with those who you've had misunderstandings and fights with. If you know you've offended others in the past, apologize sincerely and listen to what they have to say. Moreover, take steps to change your behavior to ensure you don't make the same mistake again.  

On another note, if you're still thinking if you should message your ex, you should delete their number and block them from all social media channels. As Cua said, "Kalimutan mo na si EX, mag move on ka na!" (Forget your ex, move on!)  

Share Blessings to Other People

Sharing Blessings Feng Shui Tips 2023

This 2023, be a man or woman for others. Work towards being more selfless and giving to other people without expecting anything in return. Volunteer, donate, or contribute to your community or a cause you hold dear from the corner where you stand, no matter how small you may think your action is. As per Cua, 2023 is the year of sharing one's blessings to others.

Offer to do the groceries for your elderly neighbor, bake for a friend, pay for the coffee of the person behind you, buy a book for a stranger at a bookstore – the ways are endless.

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