Bokashi and Vermicomposting Kits in and Near Manila

From Food Waste to Fertilizer: Bokashi and Vermicomposting Kits in and Near Manila

Have you ever considered where your food scraps end up after it's thrown in the bin? If your thoughts about food waste end the moment your trash is collected by the garbage truck, think again. Simply ridding our homes of spoiled food scraps doesn’t eliminate the far-reaching problem of food waste the world over, and we’re all complicit.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme's 2021 Food Waste Index Report, about 931 million tonnes of food waste were generated in 2019 alone, majority or 61% of which came from households. In the Philippines, an estimated 9, 334, 477 tonnes of household food waste are generated every year; that's 86 kilograms of household food waste per Filipino every year. 

Every single choice we make from this time on will either contribute to reversing climate change — or exacerbating it. Make an active choice today and help reduce your household food waste by composting. Here are bokashi and vermicomposting kits available in and near Metro Manila to get started.

Bokashi Compost Kit from Green Space Philippines

Green Space Philippines,. a food waste composting company in Pasig City, is on a mission to provide the public with alternative solutions to tackling food and other biodegradable wastes so they don't end up in landfills or waterways.

"Bokashi" means fermented organic matter in Japanese, as per World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-PH). Bokashi composting involves an anaerobic process that relies on the bokashi bran to speed up the fermentation of organic waste. After a few weeks, you can mix the fermented food waste into your soil to finish decomposing before finally adding it to your plants as nutrient-rich compost!

Depending on the size of your household, you can choose from Green Space's mini compost kit or standard compost kit, or between its mini starter pack and standard starter pack,. which comes with two composting buckets and an extra pack of bokashi bran.


Bokashi Pinoy Composting

Bokashi Pinoy Composting is a social enterprise in Quezon City that aims to turn food waste into nutrient-soil. It offers two types of bokashi starter kits to cater to beginners and those with bokashi experience. It also offers bokashi bran in bulk, as well as the GGC bundle, which comes with two repurposed buckets to kickstart your bokashi journey.


Urban Vermicomposting Philippines

Worms, like most creepy-crawlies, get a bad rap when they shouldn’t! Another type of composting you can explore is vermicomposting. Worms like African Nightcrawlers and red wigglers feed on organic waste, which they excrete as vermicast that can be used as fertilizer for your soil.

Urban Vermicomposting Philippines in San Juan City offers next-day delivery for those within Metro Manila! Its worm bins range from micro to plus, which are suitable for students and children, beginners, and families, respectively. Its standard worm bin comes with premium CocoGro bedding, a minimalist bin, and 350 African Nightcrawler worms.


Worm Kubo

Worm Kubo in Taytay, Rizal, offers a worm starter kit, which comes with a worm bin, coco peat, used coffee grounds, crushed eggshells, and actual worms to get you started.


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