#GagitaPlay: 1-Night Victory Lap for Lady Gagita on Feb. 24


Inspired by Katy Perry, Lady Gagita Performs One-Night Residency in BGC

Taking after Katy Perry’s Las Vegas residency, Lady Gagita of the Haus of Gagita will be hosting her own Play event, nicknamed #GagitaPlay, at the Empty Stomach on Feb. 24.

The Haus of Gagita, the pride and joy of this particular queen, will be joining her on stage on her play on Play. The drag collective of Lady Gagita herself, Pura Luka Vega, O-A, and Jona Quinn once made an appearance on the local syndication of the “Family Feud” game show as guests for its Halloween Special.

With no slowdown in sight, the Drag Den contestant continues to make waves recently. With a major personal milestone achieved, a new hosting gig with “Mudrakels,” a drag transformation show, and a bombastic performance at the UPLB Fair that gave full Beyonce , it’s only right for one of the premier drag queens in the country to take a victory lap.

Joining them are special guests Salmo Nella, Maria Christina, and Muah Dayaw.

One can only hope that Lady Gagita will don her “Chupaheroes” look again, but whatever form she takes on stage, it’s going to be worth your time, money, and energy. This queen brings whole “kabogera” energy, and if you need proof, watch her rendition of Lady Gaga’s 2013 VMA performance.

Get your tickets for #GagitaPlay here. You can also join her in a “Mudrakels” viewing party this March 3, with passes available if you DM this IG page.

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