Here are 5 Philippine Festivals to Celebrate This June 2022


Wondering Where to Go? Here are 5 Philippine Festivals to Celebrate This June 2022

The Philippines has a long and colorful history when it comes to fiestas and festivals, which can be traced back to the Spanish culture. During the 1500s, the Spaniards introduced Christianity through these events and delegated respective patron saints to each town.

Every June, the feast of St. John the Baptist is observed and is celebrated across different provinces and communities in the country. For those of you who like to soak in the Filipino culture, here are five festivals you shouldn’t miss!

Naro Festival, June 17-19

This Philippine festival is observed every June 17 to 19 to commemorate the founding anniversary of the Dimasalang town in Masbate.

Naro Bay was a busy fishing village located between the two municipalities of Palanas and Uson in the southern part of Masbate province. Throughout the years, it was called Pueblo Naro,

derived from the native word “Naaro,” which means “could be asked without payment in return.” At present, the Naro Festival showcases street dancing competitions in every barangay.

Lechon Festival, June 24

Lechon Festival is celebrated every June 24 in the town of Balayan, Batangas in honor of St. John the Baptist. It is considered as one of the highly anticipated local festivals in the Philippines because of the Lechon parade, water splashing, and street dancing.

Since lechon or roasted pig is the main star of the event, many locals dress up like one, while the water splashing adds extra delight among passers-by as part of the celebration. When attending the Lechon Festival, we recommend bringing extra clothes in case you get wet. Don’t forget to store your things and gadgets in a waterproof bag. Most importantly, be respectful and have fun with locals.

Tabak Festival, June 15-24

Another festival that honors St. John Baptist, Tabak Festival is a week-long event happening every June 15 to 24. The festivity also celebrates the founding anniversary of Tabaco City with unlimited street dancing, Mutya ng Tabak and Tabakla pageants, cultural performances by various social sectors, Padyak and Sibidan races, trade fairs, and exhibits, Karawat Bicolnon games (line fishing, banig making and patintero), and Baile de Amor (Dance of Love).

Hibok-Hibok Festival, June 24

Another Philippine festival that occurs on June 24 is the Hibok-Hibok Festival at the Camiguin Island. The celebration usually starts as early as June 23 and lasts until June 25, brimming with gastronomic offerings like boiled banana, sweet potato, and other native delicacies offered in the province.

Apart from local feasts, the event is also celebrated with fluvial processions, parades, and water sports in honor of St. John the Baptist.

Pulang-Angui Festival, June 15-30

Lastly, this Philippine Festival was derived from the story of a legendary woman, Pulang-Angui. Pulang-Angui (Red Maria) has a beautiful body adorned by many and she loves to wear red dresses, which complement her face and red lips.

Held in Polangui, Albay, the festival highlights the town’s unique cultural heritage on trade and delicacies, its people, and eco-tourism assets.

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