Chris Hemsworth to Visit PH on June 5 for 'Extraction 2'

Chris Hemsworth Coming to PH on June 5 for 'Extraction 2' Premiere

Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth will be parachuting to Manila on June 5, a Monday, for the red carpet premiere of his forthcoming movie "Extraction 2," which is set to be released on Netflix globally on June 16.

Hemsworth made the announcement in a short clip released by the streaming giant on May 18. 

"I'm coming to the Philippines soon. I'll be flying to Manila this June for the premiere of 'Extraction 2' where I play Tyler Rake. I don't want you to miss out, so please come join me," he said. "It'll be fun. Can't wait to see you all there soon. Take care! Bye for now."

In "Extraction," released in 2020, Hemsworth played the role of Rake, an ex-Australian-special-agent-turned-mercenary who was recruited to save the kidnapped son of an imprisoned Indian drug lord. The first movie ended on an ambiguous note with a badly wounded Rake falling into a river. "Extraction 2" follows the events of this, with Rake emerging from clinical death to take on yet another high-stakes mission that would put his life on danger.

"Extraction 2" is produced by brothers Joe and Anthony Russo and directed by Sam Hargrave. Watch the trailer here.

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