Recommended K-Drama If You’re Not into Love Stories

Recommended K-Drama Series If You’re Not in the Mood for Sappy Love Stories

Warning: This article may contain spoilers!

Featuring South Korea's appealing culture and attractive artists, Korean dramas (better known as K-drama) are one of the obsessions of Filipinos nowadays.

Pop culture connoisseurs know that almost all K-dramas contain love stories like love triangles, unrequited love, or tragic romance. But if you’re not in the mood to see kissing scenes and love confessions, below are some recommended K-drama films you can binge-watch while we’re on lockdown. Happy watching!

‘Reply 1988’ (2015)

Genre: Family comedy

Starring award-winning South Korean actor Park Bo-gum, “Reply 1988” features the story of living back to the late 1980s through Korean culture and practices.

Perhaps one of the most relatable K-dramas in 2015, “Reply 1988” shed light on the different struggles of typical families including work, financial, education, and social issues. Moreover, the sub-plots surely touch the viewer’s heart with the love and care shown by parents to their children.

Sadly, “Reply 1988” is one of the K-drama movies that will be removed from Netflix on Sept. 30, 2021.

'Kingdom' (2019)

Genre: Horror thriller

“Kingdom” is one of the highly recommended K-dramas if you’re into anything extreme or just mentally preparing for the apocalypse (in case that becomes a reality).

You will absolutely be enthralled with “Kingdom’s” story about horrific discoveries and political intrigue.

Premiered in 2019, “Kingdom” is a political period horror thriller TV series that revolves around the life of the crown prince (portrayed by Ju Ji-hoon). The story highlights political conspiracy, throne deposition, and the mysterious plague that critically infected their territory.

Each episode contains sprinting zombies that cause the characters to always be in trouble. Apart from that, zombie movie fans would also appreciate its historical setting, cinematography, mythology, and stunning costumes.

‘Awaken’ (2020)

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller

“Awaken” is a Korean drama TV series that follows the story of a special team in the National Police Agency including Do Jung Woo, Gong Hye Won, and Jamie Leighton. The team’s main goal is to uncover the mysterious killings in their village.

The K-drama highlights tragic incidents, serial killer’s cryptic messages, as well as the characters’ interesting backstories.

'The Uncanny Counter' (2020)

Genre: Supernatural drama

Tired of romantic stories and cheesy lines? “The Uncanny Counter” is the perfect K-drama for you! The series contains little to no love plot elements, as it features the adventures of the “Counters” who work as employees in a noodle shop during the day and turn into demon hunters at night. Each character uses their special abilities when chasing evil spirits that target innocent people.

The Counters is made up of four individuals including Do Ha-na (Kim Se-jeong), who has mastered the ability to sense evil spirits and read someone’s memories through touching them. Ga Mo-tak (Yoo Jun-sang) has the power of strength and can jump farther than the average person. Choo Mae-ok (Yum Hye-ran), on the other hand, has healing powers. The fourth member of the Counters was killed during a battle with a strong spirit.

This is a recommended K-drama for those who enjoy the thrill of action sequences and choreographed martial arts.

‘Law School’ (2021)

Genre: Legal drama

Starring former “Boys Over Flowers” cast member Kim Bum (alternatively Kim Beom), “Law School” is one of the recommended K-dramas you shouldn’t skip watching.

The story is about the “grim incident” that happened in a law school which involves the main characters Yang Jong-hoon, Han Joon-hwi, Kang Sol A, and Kim Eun-sook.

Even if you’re not a law student, you’ll surely want to check out this K-drama featuring real-life crimes, the struggles of law students, and Korea’s legal system.

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