Vote! Who’s Your Bias Among Psy’s Collabs With K-Idols?

Vote! Who’s Your Bias Among Psy’s Collaborations With K-Idols?

From slick choreography and colorful performance stages to stylish clothes and stunning visuals, the Korean pop industry is undeniably one of the popular cultures in the global arena.

One of the most successful names on the K-pop stage is none other than – Park Jae-Sung or popularly called “Psy.” The South Korean singer-songwriter rose to fame with his hit song “Gangnam Style” released in July 2012. At present, it has more than 4.4 billion views.

In late April 2022, Psy made a comeback and released his eighth studio album called “PSY 9th." He never failed to surprise his fans with collaborations featuring some of the biggest Korean artists including Suga of BTS, Jessica Oh, Maria Hwasa, and Suzy Bae.

Who among these idols is your favorite collaboration with Psy this 2022?


“That That”

Premiered last April 29, “That That” is an electronic music mixed with hip-hop and rap featuring Yoon-gi or Suga of BTS, who also contributed to the lyrics and arrangements.

Throughout his career, Suga has collaborated with several international artists including Suran, IU, Halsey, and Max Schneider, to name a few.

The music video showcases a cowboy vibe from the costumes to the overall stage setup, while the lyrics talk about partying or celebrating in a post-pandemic world.

If you need some upbeat and refreshing music, look no further than “That That.”


South Korea’s It girl, Jessica Oh (simply Jessi) was featured in Psy’s “Ganji” music video released on May 11.

Ganji means “swag” in Korean, hence, the performance music video shows Psy and Jessi exchanging some killer dance moves and badass rap verses. Fans said that this song brought out Psy’s real talent as an artist and lyricist, apart from his humorous songs.

Jessi acquired fame with her songs “Nunu Nana,” “Who Dat B,” “Gucci,” and her latest digital single “Zoom.”


Dubbed as “Nation’s First Love,” Suzy Bae is the star of the song “Celeb” which premiered on May 3.

In this collaboration, the set is brimming with eye-candy costumes and eccentric visuals. The former Miss A member flaunted her smooth dance moves and aegyo poses along with Psy to the tune of the lively and playful beat of the song.

Throughout her acting stint, Suzy has earned numerous awards including Most Popular Actress for “While You Were Sleeping”, Best Actress for “Gu Family Book”, and the Popularity Actress Award for “Big”, among others.


“Now” is a cover of a 1987 song of the same name by South Korean band Seoul Family, which itself is a remake of Jackson and Zadora’s duet track called “When the Rain Begins to Fall” released in 1984.

The retro-themed music video features Mamamoo’s Maria Hwasa who never fails to exhibit her heavenly vocal prowess combined with Psy’s groovy dance moves.

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