CSA, Police Warn About Ransomware in Form of Windows Update

CSA, Police Release Warning for Ransomware That Disguises as a Windows OS Update

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) and the police warns the public of a ransomware that disguises itself as an update for the Windows operating system. The “update” called Magniber is a ransomware variant that locks personal data and demands ransom from users who unknowingly downloaded it.

After downloading, attackers will gain access to user data, such as bank and social media accounts, which they can use to impersonate or steal money. They can also gain access to photos and videos and use them for blackmailing to extort money. In a worst-case scenario, attackers could control user devices remotely.

The CSA and the police said the public should back up their data and install anti-virus applications to detect and remove malware. They also don’t recommend paying the ransom, which is usually in the form of cryptocurrencies, since it’s not a guarantee that user data would be decrypted.

Those who fell victims to the fake Windows update should file a police report right away and visit the No More Ransom Project to check if there are decryptors available to solve the issue.

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