MOM Develops New Health Framework for Migrant Workers


MOM Develops Health Framework to Improve Chronic Care of Migrant Workers

The Management of Oral and Chronic Conditions and Ailments (MOCCA) project, a preventive health framework, was recently launched by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to improve the chronic and oral disease care of migrant workers in Singapore.

According to a press release by the MOM on Saturday, Nov. 12, the MOCCA project will bolster the "self-management of chronic conditions and healthy literacy" among migrant workers, which includes earlier detection and disease management at primary care centers in the city-state.

The framework will be implemented with the MOM's Anchor Operators and community partners in the next two years and will benefit around 300,000 migrant workers.

It is hinged on three key thrusts, the first of which is to remedy the knowledge gaps in health literacy by boosting education efforts through a one-stop Health Library and other programmes to raise awareness on health. The second thrust pushes for early detection of chronic diseases among migrant workers and timely intervention. Those enrolled in the Primary Care Plan (PCP) can undergo an annual screening for cardiovascular factors while those with chronic conditions can receive care under the Anchor Operator they are enrolled in

The third and last thrust is focused on treating and controlling disease progression by sustaining medical support, with the MOM saying it shall establish "referral pathways between Anchor Operators and health care institutions."

Senior Minister of State for Manpower Dr. Koh Poh Koon said in the release that the new project is a crucial part of the city-state's efforts to bolster the health care of migrant workers and ensure their well-being.

“We will continue to provide good care for our migrant workers with the collective support from the community, Non-Governmental Organisations and their employers," he vowed.

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