Male Flight Attendant is SG’s 1st Confirmed Monkeypox Case


Male British Flight Attendant is Singapore’s 1st Confirmed Monkeypox Case

Singapore has one confirmed case of viral disease monkeypox, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on June 21.

The case involves a 42-year-old male British flight attendant who was in Singapore from June 15-17 and again on June 19 as he flew in and out of the city, the MOH said. The patient tested positive for the disease on June 20 after experiencing headache, fever, and skin rashes in the prior days. He is in stable condition at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases.

The patient visited a massage establishment and ate at three food stores on June 16. Contract tracing is ongoing, with 13 close contacts already identified as of June 21. They will be placed on quarantine for 21 days.

The MOH said the risk of transmission at the four locations is low “as data has shown that monkeypox transmits through close physical or prolonged contact.” The said establishments are being cleaned and disinfected, it added.

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