Singapore is World’s 13th Most Expensive City for 2022


Singapore is World’s 13th Most Expensive City for 2022

Singapore is the 13th most expensive city in the world for expatriates, according to data published by ECA International on June 7.

The city-state's ranking remains unchanged this year despite price increase in utilities, petrol, and housing rentals. This is because of the weak Singaporean dollar against its U.S. counterpart and Chinese renminbi brought by the significant decline in manufacturing and exports, ECA International Regional Director for Asia Lee Quane said in an interview with The Strait Times.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong stays on top of the ranking, followed by New York City on the second spot and Geneva in the third place. Other Asian cities included on the list are Tokyo (5th), Shanghai (8th), Guangzhou (9th), Seoul (10th), Shenzhen (12th), Beijing (14th), Yokohama (17th), and Taipei (20th).

The firm’s data analysis aims to provide companies with information and comparison of cost of living among 207 cities in 120 countries and territories. Businesses can use the rankings to estimate the costs when sending their employees on assignments abroad.

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