Where to Find The Fluffiest Soufflé Pancakes in Singapore


Level Up Your Breakfast or Dessert With These Soufflé Pancakes in Singapore

If, like us, you love regular pancakes, then you won't be able to get enough of soufflé pancakes. These jiggly, fluffy stacks originated in Japan and, unlike regular pancakes, are made from a smaller amount of flour and use meringue or whipped egg whites in its batter. The result? Cottony, thick, and custardy pancakes.

These treats are sure to spice up your breakfast or any meal at any time of the day, really. Here are some restaurants where you can find the best soufflé pancakes in Singapore!


This casual egg specialty restaurant is known for using only the freshest eggs imported directly from Okinawa, Japan. The eggs are so fresh that they can be eaten raw. Tamago-EN boasts of a wide variety of egg dishes, such as the Ultimate Tamago Kake Gohan, a rice bowl with condiments, raw Japanese egg yolk, and whipped egg white; Salmon & Ikura Dashimaki Tamago, a Japanese omelette with salmon flakes and salmon roe; and Unatama Don, unagi with egg simmered in bonito sauce served on rice. Of course, let's not forget Tamago-EN's special soufflé pancakes, which come in seven flavours, namely berry, grape, mango, tiramisu, white peach, crème brulee, and original. Expect to wait 20 minutes or more when you order these pancakes.

Gram Café and Pancakes

Gram Café and Pancakes opened its first store in Osaka, Japan in 2014. Today, Singaporeans can enjoy its fluffy pancakes in two locations, namely at 1 HarbourFront Walk at VivoCity mall and 83 Punggol Central. Its sweet soufflé pancakes come in flavours such as caramelised banana, mixed fruits, mango, Lotus biscuit, and Hershey's dark chocolate. You can also go for its Original Premium-To-Go box (S$19.90), which includes four soufflé pancakes filled with vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and matcha cream.

This café is open daily from 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM.

Fluff Stack

This halal dessert restaurant at Suntec City is the place to be to get your soufflé pancake cravings satisfied! It's run by pancake enthusiasts who create its pancakes with exact science, so you can only expect the best of the best soufflé pancakes from them. It has various soufflé pancakes on offer, from Classic Premium and Mango Passionfruit to Tiramisu, Mango & Coconut, and Musang King, among others. You can also choose add-ons like sauces, toppings, gelato, ice cream, and fresh fruits. If you're not feeling soufflé pancakes, you can also check out its croffles or croissant waffles in different flavours.

Typhoon Café

This café brings authentic Taiwanese cuisine to Singaporeans with classic dishes like Lu Rou Fan and Oyster Omelette. Designed to look like a hole-in-the-wall café along Taiwan's Fujian Café Street, Typhoon Café is the perfect place for students and professionals who are looking for quick or casual meals, or afternoon tea. Its signature soufflé stackers can come with honeycomb ice cream, White Rabbit milk pudding and vanilla ice cream, strawberries plus cherry ice cream, or Taiwan milk tea, pearls, and vanilla ice cream.


Flipper's is also one of Japan's most famous soufflé pancake restaurants. Singaporeans don't have to worry about going to Japan to enjoy Flipper's fluffy pancakes, as they can sample these in two locations in the city-state, namely in Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Bugis Junction. Customers can choose among plain soufflé pancakes, fresh fruit, matcha, or hazelnut chocolate pancakes. For something savoury, we recommend you go for Flipper's Egg Benedict Soufflé Pancake.

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