5 Plant-Based Milk Brands in Singapore You Should Try


Shifting to a Dairy-Free Lifestyle? Here are 5 Plant-Based Milk Brands in Singapore You Should Try

Aside from vegans and nature enthusiasts, more people are turning to earth-friendly plant-based foods. The plant-based eating pattern does not mean following a strict vegetarian or vegan diet; you can still consume meat or dairy (if you’re not lactose-intolerant). A plant-based diet includes food made from fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, and beans.

Compared to meat and dairy products, plant-based food items require less resources and emit less emissions. They also mitigate climate change while improving human health.

If you are trying to shift to a healthier lifestyle to save the environment, we recommend these plant-based milk brands in Singapore.

What If Foods

What If Foods is a planet-friendly company with a mission to reinvent the food industry through its regenerative principles – restore, replenish, reconnect.

The company introduces its “most versatile product yet” called the BamNut Milk. It is a plant-based milk product in Singapore made with Bambara groundnut milk, a kind of legume that is rich in protein with minerals and vitamins. It is a perfect non-dairy alternative for those who are reducing their calorie intake and are lactose-intolerant.

BamNut Milk can be added to tea and coffee and can be used in baking or cooking. Aside from that, What If Foods also offer nature-friendly and nutritious noodles, shakes, and soups.

The Mlk Co

The Mlk Co offers plant-based milk in Singapore made with three ingredients: raw activated almonds, Himalayan rock salt, and ionised water.

Its almond milk is vegan-friendly, free from gluten and pesticides, and kept in toxic-free glass bottles. You can choose among different flavours including unsweetened original almond milk, macadamia, cacao, matcha, hojicha, cashew, and more.

The Mlk Co almond milk is made with 100% natural ingredients and 25% nut content.

Nutty Milk Factory

Another plant-based milk brand on our list is the Nutty Milk Factory famous for its affordable nature-friendly beverages. Its products are hormone-, cruelty-, and dairy-free, and are filled with calcium, vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients.

The health food store believes that everyone can help in reducing human carbon footprint by using less of the planet’s major resources. It also does not support using preservatives and coloring in its products.

We recommend trying its pumpkin seed oat milk, choco almond milk, honey oat milk, date oat milk blend, and matcha.

Oatside Singapore

Another plant-based milk brand in Singapore is the Oatside, which offers creamier and maltier products. The store avoids using gums, emulsifiers, or preservatives, and instead utilises real ingredients produced in Bandung, Indonesia.

Oatside Singapore has three different variants available including Barista Blend, Chocolate, and Chocolate Hazelnut. Each flavour is packed with roasted Australian nuts to maintain its creamy, malty, and slight nutty texture.

The Vegan Milk

The Vegan Milk believes that self-care means having healthy food choices that’s why it formulated fresh, pure, and sugar-free plant-based milk in Singapore.

The store has a wide range of dairy-free alternatives including the golden milk, almond milk, chocolate milk, oat milk, Indian rose milk, walnut milk, and more. Price ranges from S$9 to S$54.

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