Dining Establishments in Singapore That Hire the Disabled

Dining Establishments in Singapore That Hire the Disabled

We take a lot of things for granted. We climb the stairs when not all can do so because they’re on a wheelchair (unless there’s a ramp provided). We listen to music when not all can appreciate the beats we jam with. We take pictures of appetising food and post them on social media when not all can enjoy such aesthetic due to visual conditions.

If you think work is tough, you’ll be surprised to know how tougher it is for people with disabilities — that is if they find work at all. That’s why it’s best for us to support businesses that employ them, especially those in the food and business sector that were badly hit when the pandemic started.

The next time you’re craving good food, why not think of helping the disabled community? Raise your awareness and dine in at these establishments in Singapore that hire people with disabilities.

Dignity Kitchen

Dignity Kitchen is the first social enterprise food court in Singapore. They don’t only hire, but also provide training for the disabled and disadvantaged. They’re 100% halal and use only halal-certified ingredients for their entire menu.

Enjoy delicious bento meals like baked teriyaki chicken fillet, baked fish in lemon butter cream sauce, and steamed fish with spring onion. They also have vegetarian options like stir-fried mock meat in tangy sauce and braised eggplant and corn. For dessert, you can order muffins, cakes, and fruits.

If you live just a kilometre away from Boon Keng Road, their Dignity On Wheels can deliver food (subject to wheelchair accessibility) to your doorstep on weekdays. Pre-order time is from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM and you can choose from their three delivery times: 11 AM, 12 NN, and 1 PM.

Dignity Kitchen is open on weekdays from 8 AM to 4 PM and on weekends from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Location: 69 Boon Keng Road

Joan Bowen Café

Joan Bowen Café was set up by a loving couple, Khong Yoon Kay and Jeanne Seah, who wanted to empower and provide employment opportunities to people with special needs. Named after their special needs daughter Joan, this social enterprise is also a culinary centre that provides training to the special needs community. The café serves healthy and delicious food like rosemary lemon chicken, fish and chips, grilled French cut lamb chop, spaghetti pomodoro, and Singapore chili crab pasta.

After a three-year sabbatical leave since mid-2018, the red building is back to welcome customers from Tuesdays to Fridays (11 AM to 2:30 PM and 6 PM to 9:30 PM) and Saturdays (11:30 AM to 9:30 PM).

Location: 9 Jalan Wangi

NOX – Dine in the Dark Restaurant

Ever wondered what it’s like to eat in total darkness? NOX – Dine in the Dark Restaurant offers a unique dining experience by making their guests eat and drink in a pitch-black dining room. You’ll be guided by blind and visually impaired waiters and be given a mystery tasting menu that consists of 12 unique dishes. There are also wine, cocktail, and mocktail tasting options to match each course.

This pitch-black dining experience sheds light (pun intended) on how people with visual disabilities live their daily lives. With no sense of sight, you’ll rely more on your other senses as you eat.

Interested guests must book a reservation and inform the restaurant of food allergies and dietary restrictions (health or religion) on their website.

Location: 83 Club Street

Bonus: If you want to dine in a similar setup, the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) also organises its own Dining In the Dark experience.

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