Where to Find the Best Japanese Pastries in Singapore

Get Your Taste Buds Ready With These Japanese Pastries in Singapore (And Where to Find Them)

Bakeries and pastry shops are unsurprisingly new in Singapore due to the popularity of home baking. While Japanese sweets aren’t that popular compared to sushi and ramen, there are bakeshops and cafés you can find in the Lion City that offer authentic Japanese treats

Whether you’re in the mood for freshly baked buns or aesthetically pleasing cakes, here’s where to find some of the best Japanese pastries in Singapore that are guaranteed creamy, fruity, and chocolatey and will make you ask for more!

Gokoku Japanese Bakery

Gokoku Japanese Bakery is an authentic Japanese bakery that has been serving hearty buns in the city-state since 1961. As one of the shops that sell Japanese pastries in Singapore, they offer a variety of products including pie pastries and scones, toasts, batard, and a bundle set (Gokoku Shichifuku, malt kurumi, mochi mochi cheese, signature red bean, mochi mochi cranberry).

To complete your bread experience with Gokoku Japanese Bakery, we recommend trying their St. Cousair's jam selections. Free from preservatives and made with 100% fruits, the jams come in flavours like blueberry, apricot, and strawberry.

Châteraisé @ ION Orchard

Originally based in Yamanashi prefecture in Tokyo, Châteraisé is home to immensely popular Japanese pastries in Singapore. It launched its first store in the city-state in 2015 and continued to open multiple outlets across the region.

They are known for using healthy ingredients in cakes and desserts through agricultural collaboration with Japanese farmers. The dessert shop has many Japanese pastries that can satisfy your sweet tooth, including Tochiotome Japanese strawberry fair, crispy chocolate cake, milk chocolate and strawberry flavoured petit chocolate, and more.

Nesuto Singapore

Nesuto is the Japanese translation of the English word nest, as the café embodies a “cosy yet extravagant environment” for their customers.

Although the café is mainly influenced by French pastry techniques, their signature Japanese Goma cake is one of the top-selling delights and has gone through three different versions.

Last March, Nesuto released a limited-edition Japanese Goma made with Japanese black sesame Streusel, Japanese black sesame Creme Diplomat, and Japanese black sesame “Fluff” chiffon sponge.

Flor Pâtisserie

Located in Duxton Hill, Flor Pâtisserie serves authentic Japanese-inspired and French-based pastries in Singapore.

Derived from the Portuguese word, Flor means flowers and is pronounced as fu-ro-ru in Japanese. Similar to the beauty and nature of flowers, the bakery prides itself with fresh cakes and edible “flowers.”

Using the finest ingredients only, some of its popular Japanese sweets are Waguri Millefeuille, Yuzu strawberry tart, strawberry shortcake, Paris Vert, and Mont Blanc, among others. Price starts at S$9.85. Flor is plastic-free, so patrons are advised to bring their own bag.

Chef Yamashita

Chef Yamashita is owned by Chef Yamashita Masataka who was trained at Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, Japan. The Japanese artisan patisserie offers heavenly delights such as Hinamatsuri cake, Japanese Soufflé cheesecake with Japanese Strawberries, mini premium Choux, and more.

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