JJ Lin Joins Hands with Next-Gen Tycoons to Launch Web 2.5


S’porean Pop Star JJ Lin Joins Hands with Next-Gen Tycoons to Launch ‘Web 2.5’

After being a full-time music artist for over 20 years, Mandapop superstar JJ Lin has decided to venture into the business realm this year by collaborating with Kiat Lim and Elroy Cheo, sons of Singaporean business tycoons. 

Lin, together with Lim and Cheo, will be the founders of a social networking app for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) users called ARC.

“It's about growing a community with technology of the future and bringing people together for collaboration and co-creation! This project doesn't only feed my soul and passion, it is at the heart of what I truly believe in, which is to nurture Asia's rising generation,” Lin said during the announcement of his partnership with Lim and Cheo.

With the aim to become one of the leading NFT brands in Asia, the trio will focus on creating a platform for novices in cryptocurrency or non-crypto natives as the ARC app is designed to bridge the Web2 and Web3, or what they call “Web 2.5.”

Members may explore ARC’s physical venues or ”playgrounds” and gain full access to a variety of utilities and other perks. Those who are interested may fill out an application form via ARC’s website, must join the whitelist, and mint (or purchase) both Pyxis tokens for free, as well as their upcoming NFT.

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