Survey Shows 3 in 5 Singles in S'pore Experienced Ghosting


Gen Zs Have ‘Stronger Anti-ghosting Stance’ Than Millennials, Survey Shows

“Ghost” is not just for Halloween but is also a widely used term in the world of modern dating. 

In a survey published by dating and social networking app Bumble via The Straits Times on Oct. 25, 56% or three out of five Singaporeans who are single have been ghosted. Sixty-one percent of them admitted they had experienced ghosting in Singapore before.

The online survey was conducted between Aug. 5-16 among 1,001 Gen Zs and millennials from the city-state. Of the respondents, 42% who have been ghosted shared that they were hesitant to date again, while 38% said they had less confidence and 34% became more cautious when choosing a partner.

The most common reasons of being ghosted, according to the participants, were lack of connection (56%), being too busy (43%), and being unable to end a relationship without awkwardness (37%). Moreover, millennials (60%) and Gen Zs (51%) agreed that “lack of connection” would likely push them to ghost someone. 

According to a report from the Mothership on Wednesday, 55%of women would likely ghost their date if something turned them off compared to men (30%). On the other hand, 73% of the respondents were ghosted after a few messages were exchanged.

The survey also showed that Gen Zs appeared to have “a stronger anti-ghosting stance” than millennials, with 69% of them believing that ghosting is wrong. While 38% of millennials believe that ghosting is a “normal phenomenon,” only 20% of Gen Zs agreed.

Bumble definedghosting as an incident “when someone ends all contact without explanation — profile unmatched, messages unanswered, calls avoided.”

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