Singapore Is the Safest Destination to Visit in 2022


Singapore Is the Safest City to Travel in the World in 2022, Research Says

Singapore clinched the first spot as the safest city in the world this year, according to research by data analytics firm The Swiftest. Low records on homicide, death, road accidents, and natural disasters contributed to the city’s top rank.

Denmark placed second for its strong social safety nets and reliable police officers, followed by the Netherlands and Switzerland. Also part of the list are Israel (5th), Sweden (6th), Austria (7th), Ireland (8th), Italy (9th), and Germany (10th).

The data also revealed the most dangerous places to travel to, with the Philippines ranking first due to its weak response to natural disasters. The result came after Typhoon Karding hit different parts of the country last September, which resulted in over P3 million worth of damage to the agriculture sector.

Click here for the full report of the world’s deadliest and safest countries in 2022.

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