F&B Franchise Opportunities You Can Try in Singapore
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Be Your Own Boss: F&B Franchise Opportunities You Can Try in Singapore

Be Your Own Boss Franchise Opportunities You Can Try in Singapore

The thing about starting a business from scratch is you have to think of a unique concept, make it happen, and make it work. Ask any entrepreneur and they’ll tell you that doing these isn’t a piece of cake. Not to mention the uncertainties you’ll face once the hype for a certain concept fades or if you have strong competition in the market.

With franchising, however, you can scratch all that. You’ll be the boss of a product that’s already doing well in the market. No need to introduce yourself to customers over again or whack your brains to think of a strategy to get the word out there. You’ll also get the support you need, from training staff to getting supplies, so you don’t start your venture blindfolded.

Interested? Here are some food and beverage (F&B) franchise opportunities you can try in Singapore.

An Acai Affair

An Acai Affair is Singapore’s largest acai specialty café. If you’re looking for an F&B that’s true to their “healthy” label, look no further as you’re sure to franchise a business that serves organic acai in the purest and least diluted form.

Acai bowls aren’t only healthy, they’re also Instagrammable. You’re sure to find a target market among Millennials and Gen Zs who want to update their feeds with this aesthetic-looking food.

How to franchise: Fill out the form on their website.

The BreadTalk Group Brands

Own a BreadTalk or Toast Box franchise and start serving one of the best pastries and Nanyang kopi in Singapore! Whether it’s a student looking for a quick breakfast or a breadwinner wanting to take home delicious treats, expect to enter a market that loves food they can eat and take anywhere at any time.

How to franchise: Fill out the form on their website. The processing time is about two weeks.

First Gourmet Brands

Established in 2003, First Gourmet aims to develop innovative and exciting F&B concepts in Singapore. Whether it’s Indian food or renditions of popular local cuisine, they have award-winning brands — such as Prata Wala, Ottoman Kebab & Grill, and Zaffron Kitchen — under their belt that you can franchise.

How to franchise: Download and fill out their franchise application form and send it to [email protected].

Gong Cha

Bubble tea started as a craze, and it hasn’t died down since then. If you’re looking to franchise a brand that’s known not only in Singapore but around the world, it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon. As bubble tea is still the go-to drink for many, you’re sure to serve a market that craves this sweet and refreshing beverage almost every day!

How to franchise: Fill out the form on their website. Franchise fee varies by territory, but estimated initial investment starts at US$159,200 (or S$223,470) per unit, while available minimum liquid capital is at US$150,000 (or S$210,555) per unit.

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

A trip to Taiwan isn’t complete without visiting its night markets, and among them is the popular Shihlin Night Market. This F&B franchise will give you the chance to serve customers who miss (or want to try if they haven’t travelled yet!) the delicious snacks and wide range of delicacies served on Taiwan’s streets.

How to franchise: Fill out the form on their website.


Let’s be real here. Anyone who hasn’t heard of this F&B brand must be living under a rock! Not only does Subway offer fresh sandwiches to customers who want a satisfying meal, but they also give them the freedom to choose (or remove) ingredients according to their liking. It’s a fast, straightforward way to offer good food in the city-state.

How to franchise: Check out their website and request a meeting with a local team if you have inquiries.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

No breakfast in Singapore is complete without a cup of coffee and kaya toast served with half-boiled eggs. While many coffee shops have popped up in the city-state, nothing beats the fragrant coffee that many of us grew up with. Getting this franchise is synonymous to giving your future customers a good way to start their day!

How to franchise: Download and fill out the local franchise application form found on their website and send it to [email protected].

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