5 Senior-Citizen Friendly Destinations in Singapore

Where to Go and What to Do: 5 Senior-Citizen Friendly Destinations in Singapore

As we age, our bodies tend to become weaker and prone to sickness. But for seniors who love spending time outdoors, it is believed that they have a lower chance to experience physical and mental health issues.

If you have an elderly member of the family who is unable to do fitness routines but loves adventure, there are a lot of destinations in Singapore that are senior citizen-friendly. Keep reading to learn more.

Visit Lam Yeo Coffee Powder Factory

For seniors who are hardcore coffee drinkers, why not invite your family to visit one of the oldest family-run coffee businesses in the city? Lam Yeo Coffee Powder Factory, established in 1959, is a senior citizen-friendly destination in Singapore as it offers coffee grinding and blending services when you purchase coffee beans from them. Lam Yeo serves a Singaporean traditional style coffee roaster and specialises in local “kopi” and modern gourmet coffee.

Moreover, the shop guarantees to cater to the different tastes of their customers. You can choose between Lam Yeo’s Legacy Blends and Specialty Blends.

For starters, Legacy Blends uses beans available in the region and are roasted with margarine and sugar, while the Specialty Blends are made of imported beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, Africa, and India. To view Lam Yeo’s complete coffee beans catalogue, click here.

Location: 28 Balestier Road

Meet the Makers of Chinese Paper Offerings

Just like many of us, senior citizens grew up following various customs and traditions from the past that continue until today. One of these traditions is the making of Chinese paper offerings.

In Singapore, most Taoists and some Buddhists continue to practice the burning of paper offerings to maintain kinship between the living and the dead.

You can take your older family members to one of the most popular makers of Chinese paper in the region, Mr. Lai Yew Onn. He is the owner of Yew Chye Religious Goods Trading located in Chinatown, where you can shop for two- or three-dimensional paper money, joss paper, and paper credit cards. Other items you might want to purchase are paper servants, cars, and houses.

Hot Spring Tour at Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Looking for a way to de-stress? Sembawang Hot Spring Park is also a senior citizen-friendly destination in Singapore where you can enjoy hot spring, foot bath, and nature and heritage appreciation. 

Before you visit the hot spring park, check out Npark’s safe distancing portal as they only allow a group of up to five people for each facility.

Peranakan Tile Painting at Artefakts

The Peranakan culture is a combination of Singapore, Chinese, and Malay/Indonesian heritage. This involves the hybridization of cooking traditions, occupations, and trading of Peranakan products such as porcelain pieces, home décors, and hand-painted tiles. Speaking of which, Peranakan tile painting is a trend among the elderly in Singapore. Check out Artefakts studio that offers ceramic tile painting workshops for everyone regardless of age. You can create your own Peranakan tile designs and motifs featuring geometric designs or using Peranakan colour palettes and auspicious symbols. For more information, visit https://artefakts.sg/tile-painting/.

Edible Farm Tour and Workshops at Fleur House

For elderly people who love gardening, you will surely enjoy the farm tour and workshops offered at the Fleur House.

It’s not your ordinary trip to a ranch, as the Fleur House treats you to an edible farm tour around its Orchard farm and microgreen garden where guests can smell and taste edible flowers and plants!

At the end of the tour and workshop, participants will receive a family planting kit and a mini herb plant. Virtual workshops are also available while face-to-face sessions are subjected to government COVID-19 guidelines. To learn more about Fleur House workshops, go here.

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